Tuesday, September 20, 2011


What can a quilter do on a miserable wet day? While typhoon "Roke" lolls along the coast dumping 250mm of rain (to go with the 500mm in the Nagoya area),
the only thing left to do is work along with these blocks. I still don't know where this is going and the scrap box looks as full as it did when I began. Meanwhile, there is a great temptation to go up to my stash and pull out some prettier fabrics to pep it up a bit. It may just be a test of time before I do.

At one in the afternoon it is dark and gloomy. The street outside that used to be dirt has been "paved" for a few years now but probably will not get drains until all the homes have been rebuilt and the city snatches up a few meters from each lot to widen the street. Since that will include my garden strip I will not be happy to see that happen. I do regret that I tossed out my leaky boots and have not found a suitable replacement. That should teach me to be so picky!

Meanwhile, the Mother-in-law's tongue (or snake plant or a hundred other names) seems to have been so delighted with my pleasure over its flowers that it has put out some more.

For a plant that thrives on neglect, it seems to be shouting, "Look at me"!

One more winner is this little orange flower. I have no idea what it is. The leaves are similar to iris in the way it grows and the flower only opens for a day or two. When we moved to our last house, I took a large pot of Cycads my son had started and found a corner where they would get sun but allow people to pass. A few years later I noticed this volunteer in the pot, poking up through the palm-like fronds.

The cycad went off with a few other large pots to my daughter's house and along with it, the mystery flower. But, this summer, in the same relative position to our front gate, a number of iris-looking leaves appeared in a planter that usually holds spider lilies. Can it be that that flower knew how much I loved it and followed me here?

The rain has brought cooler air. We went from a sauna on Monday to two quilts last night. I saw spider-lily buds in the woods, waiting for Friday to open. In Japan they are the official harbinger of autumn. Wet is fine. The plants are happy. Cooler is fine. I am happy. It 's about time to get back to quilting.


  1. I like your bright and happy quilt. It is interesting and full of fun. You grow such beautiful flowers. I guess really all flowers are beautiful, it's just that the ones you show are so foreign to what I'm used to seeing. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. You made very nice blocks. The flower is beautiful, it looks a little like an orchid.

  3. Julie I love these blocks more and more each time I see them!

  4. The scrapquilt you make is very colorful and nice. I think also the flower is family from the orchid.I hope the tyfoon Roke has not caused much damage with you.
    Greetings Tiny

  5. I love how this quilt is turning out. Love all those colors!

  6. We got snowed on today up in the mountains Julie - you would have loved it. We also watched a bear for about an hour only a hundred yards from the road as he ate his way toward his winter sleep. And later a Mama Moose with baby in tow wandered down a creek eating, resting, eating, resting. Your flowers are amazing...I don't expect to have anything blooming when I get home after this trip. In fact, I will gradually have to start bringing one or two inside for the winter. My grandmother's rain lily is rather delicate and I'm still babying my pencil cactus so they will be the first two in. blessings, marlene

  7. I hope your get some relief, I saw some footage on the news, looks like some areas are getting hit bad. Quilting is a great way to spend a rainy day and more warmth for the coming months.


  8. Well done on your competition quilt. There were some very good quilts entered. The rain is a perfect opportunity for sewing, no excuses necessary.

  9. Your scrappy quilt looks great! I know it is hard to work with fabric that are not of your choice. I'm trying to finish some blocks given to me. So far, they have spent more time in the drawer.

    I heard on the news that "Roke" was causing a lot of havoc. I was wondering how you were doing.

    And the flowers! Gorgeous! I did not know the Snake plant flowered.

    Stay dry!

  10. I enjoyed seeing what was flowering for you at the moment. I've been following the progress of Roke and praying that it doesn't cause too much damage. I'm glad to hear from you even if you are rather wet!

  11. Hope you did not experience too much hardship following Roke. I have friends who live in Yokohama and I have not heard from them. Hope they are okay. I found one of those lilies in my garden this year. I guess I must have planted it last year. It's called a Leopard Lily or a Blackberry Lily because of the black seedpod it gets after blooming. I took a picture of mine yesterday and I will try to post it on my blog soon.

  12. I like the quilt blocks. I think if you add some sashing, it would make the blocks 'pop'. Just an idea.