Friday, February 19, 2016

Tokyo Dome part #3 ... and other stuff

Each year, the Tokyo Dome show includes quilts by well-known quilt teachers.

The display has changed over the years, now the quilts are larger than before,  but usually there is a theme provided.

This year's theme was "Log Cabin".

Who has not tried making this pattern? One of my first bed covers was a log cabin quilt. It is faded now but still in use on a daughter's bed.

My camera did not do so well with the lighting but here is an interesting interpretation of the theme.

"An Autumn Walk"
by Reiko Naganuma.

"Multicolored Log Cabin"

By Akane Sakamoto.

"Townscape" by Masako Wakayama

" Old Denim Square" 
by Noriko Nozawa.

Too bad the lighting was poor but this was interesting with parts from old jeans ... many well worn.

I liked the way many parts were worked into pictures.

This quilt was hung with better exposure and very popular with viewers. 
I think every other person walking past it took a picture.
The title is "Buddy" and it was made by Yoshiko Kurihara.

"The Garden of Log Cabin" was made by Akiko Kawata.
Lots of beautiful applique.

"Flowers of Cosmos"

by Fumiko Nakayama.

Well, it is a "log cabin" basically

but these are not ordinary pieces.

Lots of Mola details in this quilt!

And here is what I am working on now.

I have completed enough blocks for my nine-patch challenge.   (one more row added yesterday)

I have not decided the layout as yet.

Meanwhile, can you guess what is going on below?

A few years I made an I-spy quilt for a friend's new daughter. Now my friend is expecting a second baby and I think (having spent my childhood with mostly hand-me-downs) that the second baby should have a quilt of it's own.

I drafted this layout of numbers and the first row is waiting for the rest.

I am trying to make this quilt the same size as the first one so the plan is to add a vine on each side with leaves in the colors of the numbers.... one red, two green, three blue etc.  The little good-luck cats are also something to count.

I spent a lot of time going through scraps thinking I would use some of the fabric I used in sister's quilt but no luck finding it. Maybe I have too many unorganized scraps or maybe there was nothing left or maybe I am not very good looking!