Monday, February 15, 2016

More Tokyo Dome quilts ... part 2

I found a few more partnership blocks among those I had photographed.

How about this musical variety?

A singing bird, a singing pineapple,
a singing elephant,  a note-worthy cat, a dancing couple, and the cow jumping over the moon.

Just imagine trying to coordinate a quilt with this variety!

And, I did mention cats ....

At least these are all singing in chorus and they have a fence of pieced blocks to keep them all together.

It would be very interesting to talk with those who took on the task of assembling these blocks.

As I understand it, each year one well-known quilt teacher assumes the responsibility.

She gets TV time where she can demonstrate making blocks in a class. Maybe publish patterns ...

then, with the help of her loyal disciples, the quilts are assembled. She must have access to a very large space to lay out all these blocks and decide what will go where. 120 blocks per quilt!
Next year with smaller blocks it might be even more of a challenge.

And another joy that came completely unexpected ....

While standing in our small group, we were approached by another blogger who had recognized  us from our blog pictures.

(Not an easy thing among that mob you can see in the background)

Jenni was visiting from Australia ...
her blog is JACARANDA. What fun to add a new friend to the equation!

We also met up with Chikako Ueno. Though I didn't get a picture, both she and Queenie got pictures of the two of us standing in front of her beautiful quilt.

I did get a poor shot of her bag, also being exhibited.

Since Ueno-sensei is not from the Tokyo area,  it is amazing that we seem to meet up every year with no planning at all.
Her group of "Team Quilt Ten" used to have a display every year at the Yokohama quilt show.
Each year the theme would change and the display included quilts from other countries who had joined that year and theme. What a pity that show has not continued, but how good to see Ueno-san is still in action.


  1. Amazing quilts, so much creativity and the purse is beautiful.
    It is fun meeting up with fellow bloggers and online friends.


  2. HI Julie, thank you so much for showing these great photos from the Tokyo Dome show. You did a wonderful job of taking photos, especially since the show was so crowded with many people attending. The quilts with the musical themes are fascinating. We especially love the kitty cats quilt. How adorable ! We enjoyed reading the story about how one quilt teacher has the responsibility of assembling all the blocks. And, we agree with you that for an international show, the quilter's name could be written in Roman alphabet characters, which would be so helpful.
    Thanks so much again, with warm wishes and blessings, from Marina and Daryl

  3. I love getting these glimpses of the Tokyo Dome show, through your eyes and Tanya's and Queenie's!

  4. crowds like that wear me out! So well done for braving them xx It is a tremendous thrill to be recognised .. and for someone to come and say "hello" is even more fun xx

  5. And the dish ran away with the spoon. That one was a fun quilt. Great that you met another blogger, and it wasn't even planned.

  6. It must be lovely to meet up people. In small quilting world in Ireland, we hear about each other bur rarely see. When we meet, we kind of know so much of each other and that's feels still weird.

  7. Cute prints :)
    Maria V.

  8. I can honestly say that the highlight of the quilt festival was meeting you, Tanya and Queenie. It made my day. Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome in your country, Cheers Jenni

    1. Thank you for being brave enough to introduce yourself. I hope if you come back again, we can plan to meet up. Quilters and bloggers are the greatest!