Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lost sheep

Anyone seen some sheep? David is now on duty with nothing to do. The strings on the harp will get put in during quilting.
I looked at Google images for pictures of sheep but none I could find were in positions I wanted. Some need to be gathered at his feet and some will be milling around on the hillside behind. This is very much make-it-up-as-you-go.
I can't help thinking how much easier this might be if I had some kind of fusable web and could just arrange and iron it all together and then take out a machine and stitch some fancy stitches at all the joinings.
As it is, I want to make it a bit of stained glass but I think sewing bias over all these seems might be a little too much. Another Idea I have is to embroider around the patches with black thread. Any ideas out there?


  1. Julie have you tried googling "nativity sheep" or "primitive sheep"? You might find some shapes you like that way. Or try and put in sheep. By the way did you see my post on Swagbucks? It really does earn you some $ for just doing your regular searches. There's a link on my sidebar if you're interested. blessings, marlene

  2. Did you draft all this up, Julie? It is looking great. I agree that black bias for the stained glass look would probably be too heavy. Black thread embroidery if you are clever enough with embroidery, or even one or two thread blanket stitch. I don't think you need anyone's opinion, though, you are going so well.