Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Not-too-slow progress

This is the progress so far on the banner. The outer border was pieced from scraps today and sewed in place.
The total size is 90 x 46 inches so next I will have to find something I can piece for the backing. I already know I have nothing that size and I have no money to spend on such.

I am hoping to get that and the basting done tomorrow. I have half a day of Scout activities but a long train ride there and back that I might use to piece the back. Since it is a national holiday the trains will not be as crowded as usual and maybe I can sit. An hour or so each way might get a lot done. Finding room to baste might be more of a problem.

I have posted more details on the Slow Poke Quilters blog site. I think you can get there by clicking the logo on my blog. I wish I had just a bit more computer skill but that is coming along slower than my quilting.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback.
I think once I get this together with the black embroidery and quilting it will work not only for the Conference but as a companion to last year's banner.


  1. Julie I can hardly wait to see it all together - I know it's going to be so beautiful! blessings, marlene

  2. Julie, dear, this is a splendour - I'mnot flattering you - it's just awesome and such a labour of love ! I'll be thinking of you, piecing the backing while on the train ;>)
    Merry Christmas, dear friend !

  3. Beautiful!! I have a ton of scraps that I was looking to get rid of. Some are larger pieces that I didn't use. Would you like me to send them to you? Perhaps you could use them?

  4. As usual you are creating something awesome. You are an inspiration.

  5. Hello Julie, I'm glad to have found you on blogland. I'm deeply impressed that all your works are done by hands. I stumble across amazing quilters frequently. Today, you're the amazing one for me!

  6. I can't believe its all by hand! Its beautiful, and it seems as though you move more quickly than I do by machine. The hand work really is a labor of love!