Friday, December 10, 2010

Plan "C" or "D" or ?

The sheep continue to gather at David's feet and some are heading for the hillside. (Thank you Marlene, they were right where you sent me.)
Now, for the border blocks... It was very difficult to draft a 12 inch block using the printed Psalm fabric. It seems I will have to set the print at an angle to the left and right of the picture.
These will be separated by a two-inch black sashing. My thinking is to use scraps of the fabric used in the picture. (Greens, brown, rust, gold, blue and light color of sheep)
In the first two blocks I put the light colors forming a cross but now I am thinking this is a very strong shape. I do not plan to take these two out and do them over but am wondering if the other blocks might look better with darker colors above and below the print blocks. I was hoping to get more of a star effect but this is as close as I could come.
I could introduce other colors just to be used in the border or pull some left-overs from the companion banner. This is not a commisioned job and I do not want to spend any money, my time is enough, but I would like to make it worthy of display at the retreat.
Do I sound like I am asking for advice AGAIN? Well, yes, it is true my virtual quilt circle!


  1. WOW, Judie ! I'm in awe, this is sooo amazing and artful... God makes us do the most beautiful things! THANKS for sharing, dear ;>)

  2. Julie these blocks are so meaningful just as they are...the cross with the star behind. In my picture the verse looks like it's on a white background. I don't remember if that fabric was white or off white but whichever it's white to me - representing the purity of Christ. It has the gold of the star behind it, like a gold halo shining around the cross. Since David was the ancestor of Jesus it's just perfect! I wouldn't put dark fabric there above and below...blessings, marlene

  3. This is coming along beautifully, I like the cross against the star effect, it's very appropriate too. Lis x

  4. Hi Julie! Whatever plan you chose will be great!

    Sandra xx

  5. Hi Julie! Thanks for visiting my blog and leave a comment so lovely. I was delighted with the description what you do of your creative process. It's inspiring. For now I can not help I can only learn from you.Thanks!Thanks!

  6. I like the light colors forming the cross as well. And, I must say WOW! Beautiful work and artistry. On a side note, we share similar tastes...our blogs have the same background and colors! Thanks for visiting my blog. You're our first visitor from Japan!

  7. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for popping in on my blog. It's too bad that I wasn't around to invite you in for a cup of tea. I'm not sure what the end project will be with the memoirs but is sure is fun for the students to create them. I like your psalm project and the way the psalms are set in the block. May do something similar. You blog looks so interesting, I'll have to take my shoes off and come in for awhile ;)