Sunday, November 13, 2011

International Quilt Week Yokohama 2011

How anything that only lasts three days can be called a "Week" is beyond me. Then, again, I have had weeks that seem to past that fast.
This is what greeted visitors at the entrance. Yosakoi-sooran is a form of group folk dance very popular in Japan. This is but a small portion of that large colorful hanging.

There must have been a festival theme because high in the rafters was this composit quilt. The Kanji is "Matsuri" or festival and many small quilts making up this giant hanging depict various festivals around the country.

The reverse side was just as colorful.

As usual in quilt shows I have attended, taking photos is limited to what is on the outer sides of walls to the main exhibits.

There was a display of small "theme" quilts. They do not seem to be a festival theme and I could not find any information on what the theme was. For a show that uses the word "international", there is not a great deal of information in other than Japanese.

Some of these little quilts were quite charming.

Here are a few that seem to have been made using the same game plan

In addition to the show, and of course stalls, there were areas where workshops were being held. There was also a large selection of quilts that had been donated to quake relief and were being raffled or auctioned off. Considering the small size of many of those, it seemed like a good idea. Those donations had come from all around the world.

There were displays of Asian quilts. Usually there is a selection of Korean quilts but this year other countries were also included. There were lectures and talks being given by both Japanese and foreigners with interpreters.

I had a nice conversation with a lovely Hawaiian quilter named Mary Cesar. She had a display of beautiful Hawaiian quilts and has a newly published book of her own designs. I hope to see her next winter at the Tokyo Dome show.

As last year, the halls were filled with miniature quilts on a theme of "hearts".

I think I liked the variety of last years theme of "houses" a bit better.

And, while this has been a VERY BUSY WEEK, straining to fit in all the activities I am involved in, rice project, auction quilt, visit from overseas friend, choir practice, Scout Leaders' meeting, Cub Pack meeting, Cub Leaders Pow Wow (advanced leader training), squeezing in a peek at the quilt show, Church and travelling hours between each thing,.....

Sunday afternoon was a special day with just family.(well, extended family), as my little granddaughter celebrated her "Shichi-go-san" (7,5,3 celebration for girls 3 and 7 and boys 5)

With two sets of grandparents, parents, and great-aunt we set out to a shrine where she received a blessing and a big stick of candy in a long bag.

We tried to find the kimono worn by my four girls but forty some years and three moves foiled those plans. All I could come up with was the hair decoration they all wore.
Then, on a sugar high from that long candy stick, we tried to get pictures. I have determined the only way would be to take a video and then sort the pictures frame by frame. We tried the tripod for a group picture but it is hard for that flashing camera to know when everyone is looking in the same direction,let alone smiling!
Tea and a lovely meal together in a traditional setting ended the week on a happy note. Sharing this special time is both sweet and a bit sad because so much of the family is so far away but for one day we enjoyed what we had.

It was a great way to end the very busy week and begin another.


  1. what gorgeous quilts! Thanks for sharing the pics and what a gorgeous little grand daughter - just like a little doll! Too cute!!!

  2. Hi Julie
    what lovely photos. Loos like you had a lot to look at. You do lead a very busy life.
    Your granddaughter is adorable.

  3. Thanks for sharing this festival and your granddaughter's special day. She's very cute.

  4. This child is too beautiful for words. What a doll! And my goodness what a busy week Julie. I'm glad you got to see the quilt show though - what amazing work. blessings, marlene

  5. This is definitely a show I want to see someday. Your granddaughter is adorable. I think even finding the special hairpiece after 40 years is remarkable.

  6. Loved seeing the quilts at the show, some beautiful and creative pieces. Your grand daughter is so cute and so sweet in her kimono and your hair decorations, such a special day.


  7. I love looking at all the quilt designs and patterns. I see some old favorites and some totally different than any I'd seen before. All so interesting!

    Nice to be with family, even if it was just for a day. Your little grand-daughter sure is a cutie!

  8. What a cutie your granddaughter is! What an amazing looking quilt show. Since I Never see any quilt shows I am always fascinated to see them on line. But my you are busy. It's amazing you had time to attend it.

  9. I loved seeing the quilt show, especially the banner at the top, so full of color and movement! Your granddaughter is a cutie pie, looks like you had a busy, fun week.


  10. How perfect that your GD could wear the hair decoration worn by other members of her family, she looks lovely in her kimono. You have been very busy, thank you for taking the time to share the photos of the quilt show. There were some great quilts on display there.

  11. wow, I love all the works!! Beautiful!!! Hugs Julie!!!

    Sandra xxx

  12. Wow, what an exhausting and fun week or 3 days. Your granddaughter is adorable. Thanks for sharing your busy week with us. What beautiful quilts!

  13. thank you for sharing these pictures of quilts with us and oh and she is just adorable. Glad you were able to spend the day with her. Life is just sometimes too busy isn't it?

    I keep coming back to look at these pictures, just great quilts, always inspiring to see all the hand quilting and use of color....
    again thanks for sharing

  14. What a sweet picture of your granddaughter! I wonder when or if I'll ever have grandchildren pictures. Not for a while I hope. (considering neither child is married yet...)

  15. Julie, the quilts are beautiful... not nearly as lovely as your little granddaughter, though! What a cutie!

    Thanks for sharing the pics...

  16. Hi! Greetings from Finland! Thank you for sharing the photos!!! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world! :)