Saturday, December 17, 2011

Nikko picks a winner! (or three)

Ok! It is time for my assistant Nikko to pick the Blog Hop Party winners. Here is a dog that will work for cheese. I have never felt so snoopervised in my life! She comes to attention when I opened the fridge. Out comes the cheese. First we take the slices and cut them into little squares. Then we get a marking pen and begin to write numbers on the bits. (If you ever want to try this method, forget it. Markers do not write on cheese after the first three or four).

Plan "B", pull out some little sticky dots and write the numbers on those. (After cheese, paper is another favourite diet item). Stick those stickers in the middle of each bit. "Good dog, Nikko, you are paying such good attention"!

Next, arrange the pieces on a bamboo tray and spin the tray. With 96 pieces, they are pretty close together. Nikko may get three in one bite. That would be fine because I could take those out of her mouth and look at the numbers. But, if she only takes two... then three on the next bite...I will be in trouble because I only have three prizes.

But, never fear, Nikko has a brilliant idea. "What if I eat them all but three? I will choose the winners by elimination". Only a very greedy dog would come up with this idea but she is getting a bit eager to begin. OK, Nikko, "Itadakimasu"!

Hey, what's this, Nikko races to the back side to begin, putting herself between me and the tray.

How daintily she selects those yummy bits!

Working her way and turning the tray... "You are almost there ..."

"Stop", "Wait"!

"I need to write down those numbers before you go any further".

Here they are!




"Nikko, what's with the ones" Now I go back to the computer and start counting. There must be a way to put numbers on these comments. Every time I count I get messed up! Well, #1 is easy. That is Cherry Red Quilter http://cherryredquilter.blogspot.comand she would like the dragon. Next is #51. Count again, then one more time. That is Hilachas She would like the Matoi. So far, so good! #71 is the last number. That is Quiltaholic She would like the cat panel. "Wow, Nikko, I couldn't have done such a good job myself"! This is such hard work! I need all the help I can get.

As soon as I have some addresses, Nikko and I will jog off to the Post Office and send the panels on their way. Many thanks to all my blogging buddies. I wish you all the best for the holidays and New Year.


  1. I always said that nikko was a good dog! He must be repaying me for the red wrapping paper! LOL

  2. What a brilliant way to choose the winners! congratulations to them all!

  3. An excellent helper, who obviously loves her job!

  4. This is much better fun than a random number generator.
    Thank you so much for showing us!!

  5. Hi. Congrats to the luckey winners. Nikko did a great job.
    Have a merry christmas.
    Hugs :-)

  6. What a great way to choose winners! You have a brilliant helper there!

  7. To al the lucky winners congratulations.And Julie you have a greath helper.

  8. Nikko did a great job - as always! So good of her to choose three winners who all want a different prize! Now if she could only count the comments for you...;))

  9. So fun to see Nikko picking the winners.
    Congratulations to the winners!


  10. That is the most creative winner picking method ever! What breed is Nikko? My dogs love the idea but Lainey can win speed eating competitions so i wouldnt have a chance! I wouldnt want to be picking up afterwards either!

  11. Oh, wow! Thanks. I can hardly wait to see my prize. I love your "Prize-Selector System." Go Nikko!

  12. Best ever post on choosing numbers. So original. Congratulations to the winners.

  13. Very fun and clever way to choose prize winners! I loved the night photos of your tower in Tokyo. I realized if I ever come back, by reading your blog I'm going to know a lot more about that city. When we were there, the food halls, as well as the shrines, kept my attention.

    Sorry to hear about your broken pots--glad you glued them all together as well as getting terrific mail to help ameliorate the sadness.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!

    Elizabeth E.

  14. AHHHHH~~~!!! DOUMO ARIGATO GOZAIMASHITAAAAA NIKKO-CHAAAN! SUGOI! URESHIIII DESU DAYO!!! Okay, I know you got all my broken Japanese but just to be clear, "AHHHH! THANK YOU SO VERY MUUUUCH CUTE LIL NIKKO! SO COOOL WOW! I AM SOOOO EXCIIITTEEED! *mindlessly happy dancing over here* LOL! Can't thank you EnOUGH! This means SO much to me! I know what the 1's are for ... if you do numerology the old Japanese way, I am a "1" ... :)

  15. Okay, so, being techno-challenged ... I am unable to email you, can you email me so that I can send you my snail mail?! LOL! Doumo Fukuda-San! *HUGS*

  16. A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! Nikko is adorable.

  17. What a clever dog! All the best for Christmas and the New Year and I look forward to your blog posts.
    Mary aka Quayquilter

  18. Nikko the wonder dog sure knows how to pick a winner (or three). Good job, Nikko!