Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Postman cometh

When we were designing our house, it was my idea to set the post box in the entry-way wall rather than the usual location of in the gatepost. How nice it is to be able to get the morning mail without going outside, especially on a cold or rainy day.

This morning, however, my husband went out to find the little stone lantern pushed over, the stone lamp part smashed and the top two stones lying in the flowerpots. The largest of the pots was also broken into many pieces and spider lily leaves were crushed and broken, their roots all exposed.

Well, out came the glue drawer and now everything is mended and back together. We are wondering who did this and why. Certainly it was not the paper delivery person. In the morning when the dog was taken out it was fine. Certainly it was not the mail man. He just came after it was all cleaned up. Who else shoves fliers by the hundreds into our post? Maybe I need to look at what fliers have come so far today. People are paid a small fee to go around the streets stuffing fliers in people's boxes. They are never something you are interested in and I keep a recycle bin under the apartment mail boxes for the convenience of the renters.

Only one flier in the post. Domino's Pizza! Could the deliverer of that flier have been the person? Or is there someone in the neighbourhood with an attitude? I have found the pot with the Christmas cactus kicked over several times last week and someone removed the top rock from the lantern and tossed it into the flower bed but smashing things is going a bit too far. Just in case, I moved a few of the pots to another location to make it easier to reach the post.

Then.... The bell rang! It was the postman with things too big to fit in the slot!

Can I talk about "winnings"?

How can this be? I never win, well, not up until this year. Once the newspaper had a contest to win a book and since I really wanted that book, I wrote my response in rhyme. I got the book! Earlier this year I got some lovely fabric from Quilt Inspiration http://quiltinspiration.blogspot.com.

Maybe my luck was beginning to change...

Here you see it! a big red package from Madame Samm http://www.sewwequilt.com , a big box from Jan-Maree Ball http://cherryredquilter.blogspot.com, and an envelope from Marjorie Rich http://appliqueaddict.blogspot.com.

And what was inside? Oh, the wonderful set of Aurifil threads that I have been reading about and wanting to try. But, then she threw in so many other wonderful items! Needles and a rotary cutter and even fabric that I have never seen before. Oh My! Thank you, thank you!

And what was in the box?

Two, count them, 2, beautifully wrapped Christmas presents! And two chocolate Koala bears. Since those are not wrapped, can I eat one?

I guess I will be forced to put up my tree and tuck those presents underneath. The red package is soft and lumpy and the blue one is smooth and firm. Hmmm. Do I really have to wait until Christmas?

Last but not least, that flat-looking envelope contained all of this beautiful batik!

I shall have to hurry and finish quilting the batik quilt so that I can begin another. Won't these pieces look yummy? I have an idea just waiting to get out.

Oh THANK YOU my quilting blogger friends for making me feel like such a winner! You have more than made my day and love you all!


  1. Hi Julie, It must be wonderful to get so many nifty things on the same day, but what a disappointment with your garden. Is it possible that it was an animal? We have skunks, racoons and an occasional bear and coyotes that visit us...they have all done different levels of damage...I have had to move all my bird feeders away from my pots/garden areas....I will send up prayers today, that if it was a human, that kindness should enter their life so that they may learn to pass that on rather than the destruction they are feeling now......People do get a little weird during the holidays!....

  2. What a contrast of good and bad. I adore that you got such yummy parcels today to compensate for the mess in your lovely front garden. Some people are brainless but some people are wonderful. It's so good that the wonderful seem to outnumber the brainless by 3:1, hooray. Glad you have some lovely Aurifil to use, I think you'll love it.

  3. So glad to know that my parcel arrived safe and sound. I give you permission to eat your koalas (start at the head please) and I won't tell santa if you want to unwrap the lump present early - you probably want to get some use from it this Christmas anyway. Enjoy and Merry Christmas.

  4. What a lucky day, apart from the letter box! By the way, Koalas are not bears. It is only Americans who incorrectly term them koala bears :) They are marsupials and are born immature in a pouch and called joeys like kangaroos :!

  5. Oh no, Julie. It's so sad about the destruction in your front yard. I hope it was just an accident, so sad if someone did it on purpose. It's wonderful, though, that you received those lovely parcels. How exciting. Talk about mixed feelings on that day.

  6. I'm sorry about your beautiful pots and plants getting ruined, there are too many vicious people out there, for no reason! Now, congratulations on your booty! Great stuff to put a smile on your face!

  7. Good and bath on one day. You er spoiled, but it is beautiful. Hugs Tiny

  8. ... but at least the bad turned to good and you had a wonderful time opening those parcels and how nice for you to win them! Good luck on winning more ...

  9. What an inviting entry area you have. A shame about the items that were broken and moved around.

  10. Congratulations Julie. Well-deserved wins!

  11. So sad that someone feels a need to ruin your display. I really wonder what they are thinking or are they thinking..
    Congrats on all the wonderful winnings! I look forward to seeing what you make with them. Especially the batiks.

  12. I have a mail slot that goes directly into the house too as do my neighbors (I guess the builder liked the idea). But my nextdoor neighbor sealed his off complaining that cold air blew into his house. Maybe... but nicer than going out in the cold to check a box that usually doesn't have much in it anyway.
    I'm horrified that there are people that would mess up your entryway! My goodness!