Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tokyo Dome Quilt Show - part 5

Original Design Catagory

Ayame (a variety of Iris) 
By Takeyama with lots of machine work.

This Spider Lily was created by Hayashi. Also with machine work.

This "Witch's Calendar was created by Kikuma and is all hand done.

The title is at the lower edge. This is all hand done by Takeda.

                   Sorry, I didn't get the title. I guess I was too busy looking at those tiny appliqued dots.
This quilt was made by Saita.

                                                                 Vines of Life  by Ueno

Caribbean Paradise by Date.           A fine Mola-style piece of work.

"Torobi = 50th Anniversary" By Murakami.  I wish I could have been able to read the explanation that went tith the quilt. My 50th anniversary is this year but there is no way I could create something like this to mark the event!

Afternoon Shower in Red ... by Ishii

This is a detail of the slashed technique.

Temptation of Red

By Sato.

The picture doesn't really do it justice.

"Enclosed With a Thought" or (Thinking of you) by Miai
It may be original but looks a lot like a "Dear Jane" to me.

"Where Notes Went"  by Fukushima.  All this pale Japanese taupe is the pieced background of many white notes floating about. 

                                              "Dancers" by Yabe, another fine Mola-style quilt.

                                                     "Benefit of the Sunshine".    Nozawa

                                                               "Swing Jazz" by Okamatsu

                                                                       "Arigato" by Ozaki.

This should be the last of the pictures but I find that I still have some more that I failed to connect to a catagory.

                                                                    This is by Matsuo

I think this was called My Baltimore or something like that. It was probably among the traditional quilts but I sadly failed to take notes on it as to the quilt artist. I tend to look more closely at the handwork rather than the signs written all in Japanese. My apologies to the quilter but I thought you might like to see it anyway.  

                                                             My Allstars 9 Patch by Hashiba.
                                                    "For You Arigato" by Sakai.

                                                             "Nostalgia" by Yoko Ueda

                                     These cats are by Akashi. There was sashiko quilting
                                              "Monmaruto in Dawn" by Watanabe

By the time I got to the end, the Auld Lang Syne had finished playing and the announcements were hinting that it was time for the viewers to wend their way back up those bleacher stairs to the exit. 

In all, it was a great show, though it is hard to believe that with all the preparations made to put it together, they can't find one person who could translate at least the names of the participants into English. Then the title "International" could take on more true meaning .

Snow is falling. My evening meeting has been postponed. The ASIJ quilt awaits my attention. Time to shut my laptop and get to serious business.


  1. It is amazing at the diversity of quilts, so beautifully made.


  2. You've put together another fantastic display of fantastic quilts. I missed those Molas.
    I agree, it wold be a great service to us gaijins and overseas visitors to have more information in English. These days they don't even make a floor plan in English.

  3. Julie, thank you so very much for sharing this with us. The first photo, Ayame, I have those growing in my garden, The cats, stunning, and " Nostalgia" my favourite. Yes, translation would be great, maybe next year. Each one is so special in its own way, and I can only start to imagine the many many hours behind each. They are shown so well, each one with its own space.Greetings from Jean.

  4. Thank you so much Julie for the five postings of photos of the show. There were some fantastic quilts and I really enjoyed seeing them.

  5. Thnak you so much to you Julie for this new fabulous Festival report : your photos are abslutely nice and I do think you spent a wonderful time there :)
    If you knew how I would be so happy to can admire all of them in person.....I hope the next year :)
    Have a nice day,

  6. A huge THANK YOU, dear Julie for such detailed pictures of the Tokyo Dome show ! To many of us, the only chance to visit is through good friends bloggers, sharing their beautiful pictures ;>)


  7. Thank you for sharing your photos of this tremendous show. I always enjoy seeing quilts from Japan. I wish I had been quilting when I last lived there so I could have taken in the show. The quilts are stunning.

  8. These quilts are gorgeous, and thank you so much for sharing.
    May I ask you the authorization to post some of your pictures on my blog to relay this Festival? With a link to you, of course.
    I will wait for your answer.
    Frederique, from quilting.over-blog.com

  9. Such beautiful intricate work. I would love to see a show with quilts of this calibre sometime.

  10. Incredible. Every one of these quilts is jaw-dropping... my head would be spinning if I had to take in all the detail in person. Wow.

  11. Thanks for the pictures of all the great quilts.

  12. Absolutely amazing quilts! I love them all, but I really love the imagination that went into the witch quilt. When I go to quilt shows, I take a photo of the information card before I take ones of the quilt. I find it is easier than taking notes.

  13. All the quilts are so beautiful!!! They looks like paintings!!