Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Two more stars

Nothing like crummy weather to keep me sewing.
Teresa at Stitchin' Friends is not a frequent blogger and when I asked her about her likes, she responded, "I don't know". So... my friend ... you get my choice.

I have noticed that Teresa likes some of the same things that attract me.

She likes to have things organized.
She likes to work steadily on one project at a time.

She has made several of these twisted pinwheels, the latest a whole quilt. I have also made a few pieces in this pattern but it always drives me a bit crazy. Even so, I decided to put together a four inch block with these colors which she used most recently.

I cut some points to use but then, decided they weren't all that complimentary so this is what I ended up with ...

Well, Teresa used brown too but her border was a very fancy "snail's trail".

Other things we like in common are the heart table runner and the Lucy Boston quilt with crosses made of hexagons.
(I m slightly ahead of her on this one because I have already done that one twice.

If you visit Teresa's blog, be sure to look back through her posts to see her entry in the Houston Quilt Show. "Circus Stars" was a "Featured Quilt".
Also check out what she is putting together now!

My number ten friend also makes me smile just thinking of her' Nadine at Friendship Threads not only quilts, but crochets and knits. It's nice to have all those warm things because she tells me she is a "Winter Girl".

I went through my scrap bins and found lots of snowflake prints.

I also decided on a basket because that is what Nadine is working on at this time.

Is a basket of snow enough?

Well, I found some more in other colors but rather liked the pick of these three that represent the colors of the Belgium flag, which is where Nadine lives.

I also had to add a few XOXOXO
because in the past blogging years, I have received so many of these from Nadine.

My next victim ... er... subject is Susan Phillips. I could just make a star out of a wood print (I even know where to find that fabric in my collection) but This one will take a lot more thought because four inches will never say it all!


  1. Your blocks are wonderful, and each one so special as you make it with one special friend in mind. Lovely X's and o's. Greetings from Jean

  2. I am echoing Nancy J. Such wonderful and thoughtful blocks!

  3. Hi Julie, your blocks are just beautiful: I like them and the fabrics you chose for them :)
    I wish you a nice afternoon,

  4. Both blocks are great, and seem to fit the person. I'm enjoying your process.

  5. Yes, the crummy weather we've had today has kept me busy stitching, too.
    You are so good at selecting patterns for your followers, in this case both your friends are working on these block designs themselves.

  6. I just love seeing what you come up with and then the explanation that goes along with it. When you're finished it'll be an amazing quilt.

  7. Oh my....thank you for including me and I just love the block you made with the pinwheels. This quilt is going to be so special. Now I really need to go and update my blog!

  8. The blocks are wonderful and very intuitive. I especially like the XOs!

  9. That twisted pinwheels really would drive me nuts! I have admired that pattern for years but decided it took too much organizing. And your pieces look so tiny!!! Nice colors and nice work.

  10. You are so creative. I can't wait to see mine!

  11. These are lovely, especially the centre of the top star.

  12. I'm really enjoying this project of yours :-)

  13. Oh, My! Only this morning, while catching up, do I realize that you've done a "Nadine block", and WOW how I really love it! Your choice is perfect, and I'm feeling very moved and honoured... Here are some more XOXOXOXOXO to you ;>)


    PS : may I borrow the picture and put it on my blog sidebar? (some bragging does good, sometimes ;>)