Friday, December 13, 2013

Going to the "Gala"

Our group is far behind the curve in making the auction quilt for the Gala.

After a meeting last week, we decided to re-visit the Japanese fans.

The theme of the gala is the "Great Gatsby" We considered a Mondrian type pattern but that would have taken a lot more meetings to put together.

Next year is "the year of the horse" and the school team is "Mustangs" but a large black horse across the quilt would have also taken more time than we have left to work with. Our 2005 quilt was the fan design. A lot of the work can be taken home and worked on by the team members.

Last week, we met again with a bit larger group and pulled out Japanese prints and coordinated solids. These are the six that I took home to assemble. We will add the corners when we have the blue background purchased and marked.

Do you see the fish print? That came to me from one of our quilters who has left up, returning to the states. (Cynthia, we all thought longingly of you as we marked that section. You will always be a part of our worker-bees)

After many gusty days, things calmed down and I took this old quilt to the park for a photo. Maybe the sun is too bright because the green fabrics look rather grey. This quilt, "Sunny Glade" was made back in 1990, and one of my earlier quilts. I had no idea what I was doing  I had seen a tree hanging in a local store and liked the scrappy trees. I made a quick sketch (as I often do of ideas I like) and drafted the pattern in seven inch blocks.

I had been thinking of grading the background from the yellow to gradually darker greens but when it came time to put the blocks together, they came to a bigger challenge than I was ready for and I ended up adding sashing. In the end, the quilt turned out to be 6'3 x 8'3 and was too large to be used on my daughter's futon.

There are some blue fabrics that came from one of my cub scouts whose mother was a member of the International Quilters of Tokyo, a group I ended up joining (now down to only a few aging members).

This color shot is a bit closer but still not quite as green.

I didn't want to make a seasonal quilt but if you look closely, you may find a few trees in Christmas fabric.

My granddaughter, Leia, came over the weekend and helped me decorate our little tree.

After putting on one little box of pieces, she began to take them off so she could do it again. Can you guess how much she was looking forward to this activity?

She was very happy when I came up with two more boxes of ornaments.

My table has lost some of it's space but we are now feeling very festive.

Next week, my little assistant will come back to help me make and decorate cookies.

Note Leia dressed the boy doll in a tuxedo for the photo. Those dolls get lots of loving and clothes changing each time she comes, and even get to sleep in a real bed.

I hope you are all having fun making holiday preparations too.


  1. Julie, the tree is super, and so special when the grandies help. I'm hoping ours will do just that when they arrive on 23rd. Lovely tree quilt, and your fabrics at the top, lovely choices. Fond greetings, Jean.

  2. what a wonderful picture of you all with the tree .. she did a great job of the decorating xx Have a wonderful time with your family over the holidays xx

  3. I was going to comment about how striking your pieced fans are with the Japanese fabric, but as I read down your post and came to the wonderful picture of your family I have to tell you how wonderful it is. I zoomed into it to see you all more closely! Love seeing you and your husband. And your beautiful daughter. And your sweet and lovely Leia! Oops can't forget Nikko there posing proudly!

  4. The fans are so realistic even in their unfinished state! This is going to be another great quilt. What amazes me is that you just get an idea from a quilt and go home and made your own version. The tree quilt is charming, and so is your 'real' tree, especially when decorated by little Leia. I understand she had a great time decorating the tree and dressing up the dolls.

  5. wonderful looking family. I'm sure you will all decide what to do with your quilt in plenty of time.

  6. I am continually amazed at all you do! What a lovely family you have.

  7. Hi, Julie. Looks like you've got the holiday spirit. Your "old" tree quilt is lovely. Have fun with those fans and have a happy holiday season with your loved ones!
    best, nadia

  8. Love the fans - and love love love love the tree quilt. I think it can be any season - even with some christmas fabrics in it - I like the sashing - and the quilting is, as always, fabulous. What a charming story about your granddaughter taking the ornaments off so she could hang them again. Wonderful photography - I loved seeing all of you.

  9. Julie your tree quilt is so pretty - I love the way you sashed it. I do have my decorations up now and am almost through with my shopping and stitching. A couple more days should do it. What fun you had with your granddaughter - the joy of children at Christmas is just contagious! blessings, marlene

  10. Oh Julie the fan quilt is bound to be another Gala masterpiece! I'm touched that you are including a bit of my fabric. Hello to the gals ... With fond memories of being a worker bee;).

  11. That sounds like it will be a beautiful quilt, you and your group do such wonderful things. Love your tree quilt and the colors, also the quilting is gorgeous.


  12. Remembering Christmases in Tokyo. Have a lovely time. Do the dolls have names? Glad they could dress for the occasion.

  13. Decorating the tree is a lovely way to spend time with family.
    Good luck with your Gala quilt.

  14. Your granddaughter is a sweetie! My sons no longer want to help decorate the tree (aged 23, 29 and 14). I guess I'm waiting for my first granddaughter!