Sunday, December 22, 2013

Where did the week go?

I had promised my little assistant that this weekend, we would make Christmas cookies.

She arrived Friday evening and, after dinner, we mixed up the cookie dough to chill overnight and she dressed the dolls in their nightwear so they could get a good sleep and be ready to enjoy the Saturday activity.

Since my kitchen is really too tight a fit for more than one person at a time, after breakfast we cleared the dining room table to make enough room for our cookie factory.

I dug out the box of cookie cutters and Leia looked them over, deciding which ones would be good for the season.

We made "painted cookies". I mixed an egg yolk with food coloring, red, yellow, blue, and since I was all out of green, mixed blue and yellow on the forth cup.

Each color got one paintbrush and the colors were painted on the cookies once I had them cut and on the cookie sheet.

In addition to the painting, there were all kinds of sprinkles to add.

HOWEVER, these were not sprinkled but carefully placed on each cookie.

It is expected that a child can work on a project for about as many minutes as they are years old, but this is the kid who started taking the ornaments off the tree so she could keep doing the trimming.

We made a double recipe so there were cookies for Leia to take home and some for me to take to the Scout activity tomorrow... and a few to keep and eat here.

We actually spent hours decorating cookies and even the very last cookie was given attention down to the last detail.

Yes, I had to paint a few too. After all, I needed some to take tomorrow, and Norie shared some of the rolling and cutting and decorating, or we would have taken all night.

While I was cleaning up, Leia went off to the corner rice shop to take some cookies to that special neighbor.

The cookies were carefully packed for travel, after sampling a few. Leia has friends in her neighborhood to share with too.

Yes, I think there will be enough to share.  See how many she made? Yes, every expertly made cookie in that box!

I'll bet it won't take a fraction of the time it took to make them, for a bunch of Scouts to finish these off!

Today was not all that much quieter. Church choir, caroling in front of the church, and the walk to the bus stop.

This is how the street in front of our church looks during the daytime without the lighting.

The church is just the other side of Louis Vuitton.

And this is who was walking past, enjoying the singing.

Well, I doubt they came for the singing....
Perhaps it was a dog party of some kind because as I was about to put me camera away, along came another group.

 There were a few little dogs but most were huskies. I don't think a dog with so much fur needed all that fancy clothing.

Now that the activities are over until tomorrow, I had time to work on my book club block.

While reading Jennifer Chiaverini's "The Christmas Quilt" I decided to make an eight pointed star.

Then, as I was reading "An Elm Creek Quilts Companion", which was sent to me by StarwoodQuilter
our book club organizer, I found a picture of the feathered star featured in the story, and decided to make that one for my book club block.

Looking through my patterns, I found no instructions for a 12 inch feathered star. I decided I would draft my own pattern... but that is not as easy as I thought it would be... and what a lot of tiny pieces! I drew it out on a 12 inch square of paper. Then I traced the segments on to yellow plastic to make templates. Because the pattern was hand drawn, none of the segments in the drawing were the same size. Well, I figured fabric is forgiving and I would pick the most even segment and use that for a template. Well, so far, so good.

Now I need to draft the center which will be the paisley fabric. I have been thinking about this and finally I think I have a plan that will work. If I make a circle, four inches in diameter and divide it into eight sections, then cut straight from one section to the next one, it should make an octagon that will fit those points.  I am lousy at math but if it works, my block for December might actually be finished before the month is out.

I may add some applique in the corners, but then again, maybe I should stop while I am ahead.


  1. Leia, your cookies are super, I do like the different cutters you chose, and the colours...Wow!!! And huskies, almost my favourite dog if I ever had one. Julie, are you left-handed?? Greetings, Jean.

  2. A child can stay focused on a project much longer than we adults think, if they are enjoying the task. Also when they feel needed and their work is appreciated. You always call Leia your little assistant, the best of praise and motivation for a little girl. Then who wouldn't want to make cookies in the Fukuda household? Your gift of time and care has been shared with so many, so they must be very delicious cookies.
    You've been very creative on the quilting front, too. That Christmas block looks so attractive, but boy what small pieces! Have fun!

  3. what beautiful cookies you both made and so nice to share them. I can see you live in the city and I ask "a corner rice shop" - is this where you buy rice to prepare and cook yourself or is this a place where many different kinds of rice is already made that you buy to take home for your meal?

  4. The cookies look great! What fun! The block is looking good, too. You can do it. I still need to pull the book out and start reading it. There just hasn't been any reading time in the past month.

  5. Those cookies are little works of art. Gorgeous! And I'm in love with your granddaughter. Let me know if she ever wants to visit New York!

  6. What fun and what beautiful cookies, always a fun activity with the kids. Love the street photo with the dogs. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and many blessings in the coming year.


  7. You amaze me - again and again. Leia is just as cute as can be - and so industrious. The cookies are fabulous - a great idea to paint them. The dogs in costume are entertaining, for sure. Enjoy your holiday!!!

  8. great job on the cookies by Leia. Love how your block is shaping up Julie. Best wishes to you and your family

  9. there is a LOT of work in that star!! Good luck xx lol
    What a wonderful way to spend your day and I am sure your grandaughter will remember that you had the time and patience to let her do it .. her way x
    The dogs look great .. maybe they dont need the coats .. but they look very festive xx

  10. Nancy J - Julie and I are both in our right minds! (left-handed). I think Leia has inherited her grandma's attention to detail and extended attention span as well as an eye for color. Can only imagine doing that block if it were a paper piecing pattern.

  11. What fun making Christmas cookies! She looks very proud of her hard work. So very cute!

  12. Those cookies are amazing! I just slap some frosting on mine and they're done. If I spend too much time on them, not many survive "sampling".

  13. I love the look of concentration on Leia's face working on the cookies. That is what grandma's house is for, the dolls and cookie making. You have a budding artist in the making.

  14. Leis is adorable... and she is one lucky girl to have such a loving and talented grandma to teach her. Merry Christmas to all. ps. The dog photos made us smile!

  15. I haven't made painted cookies in years. What a work of art! Leia is so sweet and Nikko is very good not to beg for cookies!

  16. What a fun time with this little one - making memories she will treasure forever! blessings, marlene