Monday, December 1, 2014

Now what!!!

At this season of Thanksgiving, I don't know whether to be thankful for my computer or fling it across the room.

I am becoming aware of Google making changes without warning but when the computer starts changing things ... I can not go crying to my usual friends for suggestions.

I have so far been able to download pictures from my assorted cameras. The Canon and the Nikon get different reactions but then I go to the windows explorer icon and click it, there is a list of cameras and all I have to do is right click on the name of the camera and the download window comes up.

Now, however, nothing happens and there are no longer camera identities to click on. At first I thought my camera battery might need charging. Nope, that didn't help. Today when I connected my Nikon, the computer said "peep" as usual and  the camera light went on but....nothing came up in windows.

I have also noticed lately that when I open my laptop, I sometimes get the regular space to put in the password but sometimes that space is above a touch-screen. Well, I can use the keyboard still or I can use the touch-screen keyboard so that occasional change is not a problem. BUT not being able to download pictures IS a problem and I am wondering now if I have done something to make the computer mad or it is just testing my patience.

I guess I should just give up and go quilt so in case the computer decides to go back, I will have something better to post than a rant!


  1. Oh Julie... I download all my photos with a card-reader, put the card into the appropriate slot, plug the reader into a USB port, and in they go. no trouble at all. Do you use the computer's card slot? Both Hugh and I like the reader.Hope it is sorted out so soon, hugs, Jean.

  2. Julie - mine works differently. I start with my "desktop" screen - plug in the camera cord - one end in the camera and the other into the computer USB port - turn on the camera - and a "box" opens on my desktop when the computer recognizes the USB "drive". One option is - "Open folder to view files" - I "left click" on that - get a window with "DATABASE" and "DCIM" - double-left-click on "DCIM" - get another window with one file - double-left-click on that - and get a list of my photos. Then I copy them to a folder on my desktop and play with them from there. I don't know if yours will work the same way - but you could try it. You never know - it might work - ;))

  3. Windows make me nuts, that is why I use macs, lol.
    I have a dell but I use that for my sewing machine and certain programs, but I hate using it since it takes so many steps to figure out where things are;)


  4. Alas I can be no help on this one! Sometimes I wish I knew more about computers but I'm afraid if I did it would simply lead to more confusion! blessings, marlene

  5. As I am a Mac user, too, I can offer you no help. It must be extremely frustrating when things no longer work the way they have done in the past, especially when we don't know why that change has happened.
    You have many contacts in the Scouts and the church. Are there any IT professionals there who could help?

  6. I know how you feel, Julie. And this is sooo frustrating, indeed !

    Sorry I can't help you in this matter.

    Actually, my computer problems began as soon as Windows announced their moving to Windows 8 (and now even Windows 8.1 !)... For one whole year, I tried to adapt/resist to those changes, yet nothing helped. I even had big problems with my new blog (mainly for creating new messages), not to mention uploading pictures which was a real marathon and I was totally discouraged...
    Finally, I recently decided to give up and bought a new laptop including Windows 8.1 and although I know it's a shame having to spend so much money, I'm now totally satisfied and I dmit that the new Windows system is a breeze to work with.

    I'm convinced that this is a big marketing strategy, pushing people to the change, but what are we in front of those big companies ?

    Now I'm crossing my fingers that this new change will be OK for a LONG time !

    Sending my heartful thoughts to you,