Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Finished with time to spare

The quilting was just a simple heart in each square and I finished on Sunday. I had planned to purchase binding on my way home from school Monday, but it was beginning to rain and I had not gone out in the morning with my umbrella.  Tuesday Nikko and I walked one station over to the local shop and I picked out some pink binding that matched the color of the blossoms.

This afternoon I finished turning the binding and tonight I will take the quilt to choir and turn it over to the choir president. The idea is to  have the choir members sign on the hand prints. I have signed mine ... a left hand of course.

The batting I used is #60  Thinsulate. It doesn't really need a lot of quilting to keep it from shifting as I think it is intended to be used in clothing.

I placed the blocks facing up and down, left and right, so that there would be no top or bottom other than how the quilt is used. I also hope it will be used to play "I Spy", as words are the most important thing you can give a child. (and this child will be in a bi-lingual home.) There are plenty of items that might be counted too so I hope it will add a bit of fun.

This week as I sat beside four non-sleepers during "nap-time" I couldn't help recalling my own childhood. Our school used woven straw mats instead of the cushions these kids have and no blankets for covering... and certainly there were no cuddly stuffed animals, but I am sure I was a non-sleeper too. I remember being placed in the cloak-room where I wouldn't disturb others.  No cloak room in our school but I'll bet those kids would have had fun counting cats or frogs or stars or bunnies or just hunting for items. I remember being separated from my twin at home and being entertained by the quilt on my parent's bed ... following the rows of stitches with my finger and finding and counting matching fabrics.

And ... now that this project is done, I am getting excited about the next thing on my list ... the belated Christmas present for my dear #3 daughter! Time to go up and sort scraps again and hope to find the items I need.


  1. This is extra special, and truly beautiful. Love those hand prints.

  2. Another work of love from you, Julie ! It's truly beautiful and so joyful... BRAVO ! I'm sure your next project for your daughter will be a heirloom, too . Have FUN, selecting your fabrics. To me, this is the best part of a project... but then all steps are exciting, aren't they ? :)

    I haven't got any quilty memories from my childhood : pieced quilts were not so popular at that time in Belgium, yet some "eiderdons" made of 3 layers : one single big piece of fabric for the top, another one for the backing, and the whole being stuffed with feathers. No quilting at all...
    Pieced quilts only became trendy when crafty magazines showed some (maybe 25 years ago ?), and then the Internet did it, and truly opened so many exciting possibilities to us... So, I haven't got any old quilt from my childhood... maybe this is the reason why I'm so obsessed with making as many as possible for my kids ? (handpieced and handquilted, of course, so that as much love as possible goes into them :)

    In stitches,

  3. Thank you for the picture and for the memories

  4. There is so much to look at in this quilt, and I hope the parents will make sure it is used wisely and carefully so that when this child has become an adult the quilt will hold all those memories of childhood.
    You have made another beautiful quilt that can be treasured forever.

  5. Nice quilt! I thought about you this morning, as Famour Scissors is finally adding scissors for lefties.

  6. I love your "I Spy" quilt - and the LEFT hand - ;))

  7. I love how it came out and it is a gift that will be treasured.
    Using the hand print fabric for signatures is such a fun and clever idea.


  8. From one left hander to another, you have made a beautiful quilt with a beautiful story. We didn't have quilts when I was a child, my grandmother used to crochet squares and made them into blankets. I have one that is 50+ years old. The recipient of your quilt is going to have a lot of fun playing I Spy.

  9. Love the quilt and the way you are doing the signatures. I know it will be loved and enjoyed.

  10. Great finish, Julie. The pink and grey in the border works so well. And I think each person signing on a hand print is a great idea, too. Well done on all the fun blocks.
    I have some vague memories of pre-school, but they are more about playing. I can't remember nap time at all. Maybe I slept?

  11. Julie the finished quilt is lovely and the pink binding is the perfect touch! I don't remember ever having nap time at school. Isn't that funny. I didn't attend a pre-school though so maybe that is why.

  12. Of course you signed a left hand - we lefties have to stick together. Love the idea of getting the hands signed - and what a fun quit this will be.