Thursday, March 2, 2017

Tokyo Dome part 3

Looking through my downloads from the quilt show, I find many pictures of quilts I have yet to share.

With the crowds of viewers, taking pictures of those where pictures were allowed was quite a challenge.

It has already been mentioned that the only section where the quilter's names were printed in other than Japanese, was that of the "sensei" or teachers.
And, because of poor lighting, and a strange choice of background, pictures left much to be desired.

"It Always Begins with Hexagon"

created by Yoshiko Fujita.

The printed wall design hardly does anything to show off the borders and actually hides the pale prints the quilter used.

The upper half is lit by the spotlights at the very top of the stadium but the wooden supports of the dividing walls cause shadows on most of the quilts that do not have their own spotlight.

Just as one had the quilt positioned into the camera's frame,

along came more viewers.

Even by the time these ladies moved out of the frame, more heads and shoulders and elbows had moved in.

The aisles were quite narrow so to fit in one whole quilt, it was necessary to stand against the opposite wall.
I never did get back to take a picture of this lovely quilt.

Hukuko Tanaka

created this quilt using tiny pieces ... maybe just a centimetre square.

"FuKuMi" is the title.

On the right is a sign with title, quilter's name, and a description given by the quilter.

I would have liked to be able to read what she was thinking as she put these little blocks together.

I think something like a field of flowers....

 Here is a close-up of all those tiny pieces.

Emiko Toda Loeb always has a double-sided quilt in the show

and the people making the display create a window opening so viewers can enjoy both sides.

This one is called "Dreaming of Beautiful Villages"

this is the reverse side of that quilt.

... a bit better lit but not as striking color as in real life.

This one is called,

Good Morning!
Under the Olive Tree

Quilter's name is

Sachiko Yoshida

This uses lots of floral prints.

This quilt, a little better lit, is by

Keiko Goke


Flowers for Everyone's Heart"

"WA - Japan"

By Yoshiko Katagiri has lots of colorful appliqued flowers. The daek areas are quilted in concentric circles looking like water on a pond.

This is another colorful one.


by Yoshiko Kurihara

Even with the crossing shadows, it is good viewing.

Here is a close up section of another very detailed quilt made by

Michiko Shima

called "On the Wind".

It seems to be using lots of kimono fabric.

A month having passed, I have forgotten which quilts Tanya and Queenie have shown.

I do know that their pictures are much better than mine.
I should probably go back and see what might have been left un-shown .  There care still a post's worth in my camera


  1. I enjoyed seeing the quilts, so many amazing pieces and such amazing work on them.


  2. Thank you for sharing these; I think I only posted two of these quilts on my blog. I tried in vain to take pictures of Ms Shima's quilt (the last one in your post) but there were too many people. She is a master of bias tape and a quilter whose work I always look forward to seeing.

  3. THANKS for showing these beauties, Julie :)


  4. Lovely! I don't think Tanya showed any of those quilts.

  5. Thank you for sharing your photos of your day, I love the quilt "Flowers for Everyone's Heart", simple but very effective and a great use of scraps in the makers stash.

  6. Thank you for sharing these lovely quilts. They are a delight to see.

  7. Oh my - what fabulous work - such talent. And great photos - thanks for making the effort to get photos to share with us.