Thursday, March 2, 2017

Happy Girl's Day

Tanya's post reminded me that today is the day.

This table runner is too narrow to protect my coffee table so has found a place on the sliding door.

Actually it might make a nice hanging for a tokonoma ... if I had one...
Even my wall space is limited.

I take no credit other than the quilting as it is made from a printed panel.

The other day I finished off turning the yellow borders on my first Mola attempt.

Though I went about it the wrong way, in the end, I don't think it would have worked any better the "right" way.

Now that sun will sit staring at me while I try something else and think how I might be able to put it to use.

Last night I sketched out something more to try.

This is a design I drew long ago to use on my ceremonial medicine pouch ...

The two animals representing my spirit helpers ...

The turtle from my childhood, and the owl now present.

I am thinking of trying using a wider selection of color this time.

Maybe I can find a use on some of my ceremonial regalia ... though the colors in the first piece don't really go with white, blue and brown.


  1. Even made from a panel, that table runner is so elegant,it will be so lovely on your coffee table... and your Mola is beautiful and stunning ! How interesting that ceremonial m├ędicine pouch ! What does that mean ? Can you tell us more about it ?
    Tahnks, dear julie.


  2. Love your table runner, and the Mola, bright and what a design. That is one thing I will definitely give a miss.

  3. That is an unusual design for the Hina dolls; the empress is sitting a step lower than her husband!
    Your sun Mola is fantastic, as will the native American design be when it is stitched up. How many colours are you planning to use?

  4. Love how your mola came out and the new design, can't wait to see how it comes out.


  5. The panel is lovely and would look great hanging up.
    Great finish on stitching your mola.
    I like the idea of your design for next time.

  6. We have a set of Hina decoration but I can't remember when we had it out last time. Probably days before we had a cat.
    I love the sun you made. It reminds me Taro Okamoto. Very much looking forward to your next project.

  7. The mola is stunning. I think you could make the colours work with white, blue and brown. I'll be interested to see your spirit design sewn up.

  8. Your projects are always so interesting. I think you did a great job on that mola.

  9. I like your sun mola design. I can't wait to see the owl and turtle mola!

  10. That might be a panel Julie but I love it! The colors are vibrant and beautiful! blessings, marlene

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  12. HI Julie, we love the mola ! It has so much spunk and personality - well done ! Looking forward to seeing your other projects. Take care, with hugs and blessings, from Marina and Daryl Lynn

  13. Your Mola is amazing!!! OH! well done! And onto a new pattern! Such inspiration!