Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring Break

If spring is not really here, it is just around the corner.

Harapa Park is around the corner from my street and the magnolia is in full bloom.

School is off and a mother sits beneath the tree as her two children run about through the park.

Compare these flowers to ....

This magnolia on the other side of the intersection.

Now, there is a fine job of pruning ... just at the wrong time of year!

5 flowers!

For lovers of the color red,

the Japanese Photinia is turning the hedges into a giant blush.

And one tiny grape hyacinth is poking up un one of my hanging pots.

So, this is mid-week of my "spring break".

But ... not the kind of break I was looking forward to....

Sunday ended with a sore throat.

Monday morning rice delivery went on in the pouring rain that was so blustery that an umbrella was useless.
Then the day was followed by a drippy faucet in place of my nose

Tuesday was a headache and fever and sneezing.
Norie and Leia came by in the afternoon and left me with a big pot of chicken soup with rice.

Today I woke up with a cough.  I have activities scheduled for tomorrow and Friday so I am sitting here working on a quilt and sipping my soup.

I decided to put together an I-Spy quilt for the new associate pastor's family. They have two young sons and a new baby is expected next month. I think it would be fun to have something the older boys can enjoy and it can be tossed over any sleeping kid.

I had marked a tin of kid-friendly prints and have plenty of 1x5 inch strips. It doesn't take much energy to sew those suckers together.

Quilts for the teachers can be put off for a bit.
I have no shortage of scraps that will work.

So ..... though it is not the spring break I would have chosen, I am hoping at its end, I will have gotten use of the "down-time".

And, as a reminder that spring is turning the corner, Leia, the origami guru, left me with this folded piece of art......

and the promise to return for some spring cookie factory

using some lovely sprinkles sent from her aunt in Boston.

Always something to look forward to ... even if it doesn't end up as planned.


  1. You are like me, can't just sit when you are sick, we have to have something to do;)
    The blooms are beautiful, it is still cold here, hope spring comes soon.
    That is a beautiful butterfly, I can never figure those out, my brain cannot think that way.


  2. I do hope you get well quickly.
    The first magnolia is looking so pretty. What a pity the other was pruned at the wrong time.
    Great start to the new quilt. Being sick has not slowed you down on that one.
    Good luck!

  3. Beautiful magnolia, and rest often, gentle activities are permitted, like hand sewing and sorting fabrics. Hugs and love for you to be better very soon.XXX

  4. Sorry you aren't feeling well! I hope you are back to 100% soon!

  5. Hope you feel better soon. Lovely butterfly. Looks like you've been working on the reverse applique, too.

  6. The changeable weather gave you that cold! It is hard not to be affected, either with a cold or hay fever. Get better soon, my friend. I am happy to hear your family are looking after you and you have some quilting to take your thoughts off the cold.

  7. Oh no - not the dreaded spring break cold. Adapting to a change in plans is never easy for me - you seem to have adjusted well. The I Spy quilt is such a fun idea for a family with kids. Feel better soon my friend.

  8. Sorry to here that the bug got to you! The weather changes are hard on the body... it is cold and miserable here today again.

    I see you are hard at work at Mola! I wish I could do something original but so far I'm just using magazine patterns... rats.