Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spring break is over and spring is yet to arrive

Thursday I met with Norie and a friend to see an exhibit of the works of Yayoi Kusama in the big museum in Roppongi.

The ticket line was long and wound up and back the street lined with trees wrapped in polka dots.
Norie came dotted to fit right into the display.

The lines for tickets and entry and viewing were very long.
It is rather nice that so many people are interested in seeing the works of an old lady artist. (but it was one huge line after another and all moved at a snail's pace).

Cell cameras were allowed in the large hall and I took quite a few pictures but am not able to send them to my computer.
(the problem with having  smart phone that is smarter than I  ... and a Google android that doesn't like Mr. Yahoo)

Most of the work was done in acrylics on large panels and there were some pieces that looked like they would make fine mola art.

On the train returning home, there was an announcement poster about the Sakura Matsuri this week in Toshimaen.

Norie and I decided to take the exit past the Park gates to see if there were any cherry trees in bloom for the festival.

Well, yes, there were lots of flowers in bud but hardly any were opened.

This morning when Nikko and I went past the park near our house, we were able to count 5 flowers on that big tree that were actually blooming. That is four more than we saw on Thursday. On Saturday morning there was only one... But then, we have had a string of cold and rainy days.
I wonder if the park will extend their viewing once the trees are really in bloom.

On Friday my old quilt group met. One member felt sick on the way and called she was returning home. I met up with the other three and we began to walk to our gathering place. The area has been changed so much that after 45 minutes of hunting, we had to call our hostess for a rescue. Every one of the landmarks we used to rely on was gone!

To be safe at the end, we decided to take a taxi back to the station ... and it was a good plan because the rain had begun again.

Over the long week doing not much outside, I was able to make progress on another I-Spy quilt.

Today I have added a one-inch blue border around the edge and if I have time, will cut a piece of Japanese print that is left from a recent border on my scout leader's alphabet baby quilt.

I am planning to give this one to the two first sons of the pastor who is expecting the new baby at the end of this month.
The idea is that they teach the new baby words, making a game of the quilt. If it lives on a sofa it can be tossed over any sleeping child. The way people come and go, the baby will never remember me anyhow and something the family can share just seems like a better idea.

Once the border is on, I will quilt in the ditch and add some light quilting in each five-inch square.

I work slowly enough I can figure this out as I go.

Now, there is a member of the family lurking in the doorway.

This dog is good at reading body-language.

She knows that when my coffee is gone, she will get her nightly outing.

She can tell by the tilt of my coffee cup when the last drop has been consumed. At that point she begins her pep-talk.

On the other hand, I am not overly eager to bundle up and go out in the cold. Of course tomorrow is an early rise for rice delivery, then school .... then, hopefully, the dentist because my front tooth came un-glued and I will have to go out in public with a gap in my smile ... or maybe give up smiling... or should I get one of those masks ...
Ah well, hopefully next time there is a holiday, it will go a bit better.


  1. Your life is so interesting with all its twists and turns. I imagine the cherry trees are gorgous when in full bloom. I know they are in Washington DC. Have you tried using the charge cord for your phone and plugging it into your computer - that is if it has a USB port on the computer and a USB plug on the charger cord. If so, you might be able to access the pictures on your phone just like you would anyother internal or external drive. I like your baby quilt and what a clever way to teach words.

  2. We have Cherry trees down the driveway, and the ones with their droopy branches are my favourites. Lovely quilt, this will give many years of joy and fun to a little person snuggling underneath.

  3. Spring is so beautiful, isn't it ? :D Such a lovely quilt again, and with such a thoughtful purpose. Dear Julie, you are THE BEST !


    PS : Loooove the dog, too !

  4. That is a lovely quilt and I am sure the entire family will enjoy it. Hope your dentist can get you in for a quick appointment.

  5. Your post brightened my day! Husband ailing, just home from hospital, so it is nice to read of your excursions and to admire your beautiful quilt and your dog, who must be a very smart cookie! Hope your April will be sunny and bright! Hugs.

  6. Even if your quilt is not made up of dots it still has a resemblance to Yayoi Kusama's spectacular quilts. 'Old' ladies make fantastic 'young' art!
    What shall we do about the late cherry season. Will ordinary Japanese schools start the new academic year while the flowers are still in bud? Surely they should be fully open by now!
    A dog needs walking, whatever the weather and will therefore keep you up and about and out and about! Not that you need more activity with your volunteer job, school and dentist appointment to keep you up and about and out and about!
    Thinking of you, my friend!

  7. I hate going to the dentist. I only go when something bad happens (like your lost front tooth). At least you had a friend with you in the long lines.

  8. Sounds like a wonderful exhibit. I have my phone set to transfer the photos to my laptop when I get home, just does it magically, lol.
    Love the new quilt, that design is really fun and great for baby gifts.


  9. Nice photo of Norie - and I bet it was a great exhibit. I marvel at all you do!! So active and involved. Good luck with your tooth. I just went for icecream today with a friend with exactly that problem. The missing front tooth didn't prevent her from enjoying the icecream;).

  10. You do have a very busy time with all your days. And on that note, I hope you are feeling better.
    What fun to see the trees at the exhibit covered in dots. And the start of the blossoms is still very pretty.
    Great to see the quilt starting well.
    And I am always fascinated at how well our dogs can read us. Far better than we can at times.

  11. Julie, I haven't stopped by for a week or so and you have written all these long posts! I will go through each of them today sometime, but I had to comment on your line "The way people come and go, the baby will never remember me anyhow and something the family can share just seems like a better idea." I know that when I was a young mother and received quilts for my children, that they were very special to me. I still have most of them and the people who made them remain dear in my heart, even though they have all passed on. And when a friend's mother made small quilts for my two older girls when they were about 3 and 5, they loved those quilts to death and I am sure still remember the woman, who they only met once or twice. So although the baby may not remember, the older children will. This is a lovely way to gift the baby and the older boys at the same time.