Sunday, August 20, 2017

Time for a change ...

OK, I have fed hundreds of mosquitoes and my glasses are wet on the inside from sweat and wet on the outside from rain. My body is rusting and my brain is getting green with mold and mildew.

It is a good thing the solar eclipse is not happening in this neck of the woods, because there would be a lot of disappointed people.

The baby quilt is all done and ready to hand to it's new owner tomorrow.

My "Quilt Diary" that began with a paper notebook, where I pasted photos of quilts as they were finished ... along with size and comments about the process and date maybe started and finished, is falling behind.
In the old days, the pictures were taken on film and the rolls sent to a shop that developed the film and printed the pictures out. Those, I trimmed and pasted in my notebook. Then, I used to have a photo printer. I could connect my camera with a cord, put the desired photo on the display, and push the button and the picture would be printed in a few quick moves. Now that printer is dead and I am falling farther and farther behind in recording my finishes.
There is a printer at the "convenience" store and I think there might be even a button to push for directions in English but the language is really not english but computerese.
I am going to have some catching up to do because some pictures are not on my camera but on my cell phone.

This quilt was a simple pattern I have used before but there were quite a few snags along the way. First the red fabric I had used on the K and behind the Q turned out to be a very bad running dye. I decided to replace those two parts which meant some un-sewing and re-sewing. Then, when I finished quilting the blocks, I got out water and a paintbrush to remove the purple marking lines. Oops ... the pen I had used was not the water-removable ink. It did run a bit and I added more and more water ... now bleeding purple onto the backing. Finally I mixed liquid soap with the water and brushed on more to both the front and the back. After letting it set overnight, I washed the whole quilt in cold water with several color-catchers, and hung it over the bathroom bar to dry. Whew! Finally it is suitable for gifting and my part of the drama is over.
The offending red fabric has been banned for life and the purple pen has been banned from the marking tools box. Lessons duly noted.

If someone has a bit of excess sun, I might find a way to trade it for lots of excess rain. ENOUGH already!


  1. Rain here, mud everywhere. The Alphabet quilt is one of the loveliest from you. A treasure to have, use,love and keep. A lot of planning and thought into each alphabet blocks to go with the initials. I hope the sweat evaporates, the glasses stay dry and clear, and the red fabric and purple pen do not feel too sorry for themselves!! Hugs from another rainy night in NZ. XXX

  2. Sorry, cold here. Just listened to the weather on the night TV news, they said it was 1 degree here this morning west of Melbourne. No wonder I couldn't feel my fingers when hanging out the washing. A truly beautiful alphabet quilt. The colours are wonderful and bright.

  3. This will be a learning and playing quilt to last for a long time. Really nice. Coincidentally I have been updating my quilt records too - I'm up to 165 and that's with lumping smaller quilts and quilts with other participants under one number. I think I'm a quantity quilter!

  4. We are supposed to get 87% of the eclipse, but, we are also supposed to have 50% cloud cover. We get our rain on Monday night/Tuesday. I grew up in West TX, so, rain is not normal to me. Hope you dry out soon. Glad you got everything fixed on the quilt. What a pain. It is cute!

  5. OH the quilt is super cute - and love how you matched up the letters and fabrics. What a lucky baby. I'm glad you solved the drama of the quilt - seems there is often something lurking just around the corner waiting to catch us by surprise. We need rain - it has been almost 70 days without measurable rain - one day we had some sprinkles. The wild fires in British Columbia kept us covered in heavy smoke for over a week - that has finally moved on. SE Alaska is getting rain dumped on them for a week - with 7-12 inches forecast for the next couple days - it is the typhoon that hit Mexico and is passing up the west coast - completely detouring around us. We do love the sunny days - but a day or two of rain would be most welcome - the fire hazard is very high and we do live in a heavily timbered part of the state. Can't wait see your next project. Happy week ahead - hope you get some relief from the rain.

  6. You are not the only one with rust and mildew! It has been SO humid!
    Oh, isn't is so much easier to keep a blog diary than a handwritten paper one with printed photos! Although there are many coin operated photo printers in convenience stores I don't know if they have an 'ENGLISH' button. Is there anyone at church or school who could go with you the first time?

  7. I love how the quilt came out and I am sure it will be well received. The fun border was a great addition to finish it off.
    Hot and humid here too, and tomorrow will be worse.


  8. Oh it is so scary to have fabrics bleed! And I am almost afraid to use those disappearing ink pens... I still mark most of my quilts in pencil thinking that with the passage of years the lines will fade... or so I hope...

    Ah, this Japanese mildew and humidity. It is such a pain! I didn't even KNOW mildew would grow on the plastic fluorescent lamp shade but it was gross!!!

    Even so, I am glad to be back in Japan and in my own moldy house with my shedding animals. It all keeps me busy but away from any sewing.

  9. HI Julie, your quilt turned out so pretty and coloful, and your workmanship is exquisite! We know that the new owners will treasure it always. What a fabulous gift. Sending positive thoughts that the humidity lessens and the weather cools off. It's been really hot on the U.S. west coast, and we are ready for a bit of cooler autumn weather. Sounds as if you're ready for cooler, drier weather also. Blessings and hugs, from Marina and Daryl Lynn

  10. Great to see your quilt ready to go with its fun frog border. How frustrating ti have had those problems along the way, but thankfully you sorted them out.
    The weather can definitely be a nuisance but there is little we can do to change it except move? I must admit that I am waiting for our Winter to be over.