Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Where does time go?

Well, I do know where some of it went. The weekend of the 30th was the fall cub rally. Since Nikko went along, it involved driving, and though I have driven there a number of times in the past, the roads keep changing as well as the access to the campsite which used to be part of some military housing area. The trip, even with the navigator on my i-phone, took about 4 hours.

A new Stewardship banner has to be made and I have not been happy with the theme, so getting my act together has involved some meetings and discussions and sketches. In the end, I do not have a program to design graphics on my laptop. I used to turn the plans over to my husband for that aspect.

Finally this week I am getting some help from someone who can do that part ... but it means the design is getting changed too. Hopefully Sunday we will look at all the plans and decide so I can get going on this one.

Monday was a holiday, so no school.

I still had to go out at 4:am for "rice delivery". Actually, since the church kitchen is involved in the basement renovations, the team could not meet to make the onigiri and what I delivered were packs of 5 small bean-jam buns.
After a summer break, it was interesting that on the first day of deliveries, those homeless spotted me ... that old lady with the white dog has got the goods ... and all 30 packs found welcoming hands.

We took advantage of the day off for our Halloween cookie factory.

Aunt Marie had sent some fancy sprinkles from Boston and we made good use of the variety.
We had a skype visit with daughters and cousins in Oregon.

Leia went home that evening with two boxes of fancy cookies to share with her friends.

The day went by so quickly.

I have to admit, I spent (wasted) so much time looking for things that I put somewhere two weeks ago when "tidying up" for the quilt group visit.

Some things I just have not been able to find ... mostly things that had been living on my coffee table right under my nose for the entire summer.
Even fabrics I had laid out to use on my mola have walked off.

I added a bit of fill-in design but I spent a lot of time un-sewing things I didn't like after putting them on.

This weekend is the boy scout friendship Patrol-o-ree with Japanese scouts and before running off there, I have my pack meeting.

Choir will sing at the early service Sunday and I will be very lucky to have even one back-up tenor ... and even luckier if that person comes for rehearsal before-hand.

Fall is a busy time of year with scouting starting up, school starting up, choir practice picking up, rice delivery starting up,  and meetings for planning of all kinds of things. The sweet olive that perfumes the air took clues from the spider lilies and is dropping its tiny orange flowers weeks before it usually blooms. The toad lily has buds so still something to look forward to beforeI begin sweeping up fallen leaves.


  1. There are so many activities in your life!
    Finding ones way in Japan is NEVER easy -someone once said Getting lost is a daily thing!
    So many things 'kick off' in autumn and after a long summer holiday it can be a blessing to return to routines or a curse to find the time.
    Great cookies are baked in that Nerima factory!
    Great Mola quilts are made in that Nerima studio!
    Great flowers blossom outside!

  2. You're such a busy lady and you get so much done! Me? I spend a lot of time just spinning my wheels in the fabric scraps. I definitely feel your pain about losing things you "just tuck away for now". I'm making myself label those little hiders....

  3. Your cookie factory is wonderful as usual - how sweet of Aunt Marie to send some fancy sprinkles all the way from Boston! I'm glad you are getting help with the computer graphics part of your banner - computer stuff can be so frustrating. Your mola is looking really good - how do you find the time to do all of the things that you do? And if any of us can ever out how to find things that we put in "special" places "temporarily" that invariably go missing - we really must share - ;))

  4. Sounds like you have been very busy, but in a good way. Those cookies look delicious and always fun to cook with the grandkids.
    I love your color additions to the mola, it is going to be a beautiful piece.


  5. It is always amazing how easily we can fill a day. Lots of fun with grand children make them very special.
    Don't worry about trying to find things from two weeks ago - I can't find things from an hour back.
    Hope it all sorted out with the banner.

  6. I can't keep up with you, though sometimes keeping busy does help the day pass by quickly. Great cookies, look yummy. Your Mola is fantastic.

  7. The cookies look like fun - and Leia is growing up so fast - love the photo of both of you. So sweet. Your quilt is lovelier with each change. Take care and have a great weekend. We got 2 inches of rain last night - wish I could send it down to California.

  8. You are so busy - I'm glad you got to fit in some fun time with your granddaughter! I have trouble finding things almost every day. They always turn up eventually and hopefully I haven't replaced them in the meantime. I love how the mola is looking. Very modern.

  9. You have a very cute helper. The cookies and your Mola look great!

  10. I really likes your blog! You have shared the whole concept really well and very beautifully soulful read!
    Thanks for sharing