Thursday, September 6, 2018

Not much to report

One of the first quilts I made after starting my paper quilt diary back in the 1980s, was this cathedral window I entitled, "Windows of Time" because it was made to save some of the fabrics in a quilt my great-grandmother made for me that had completely fallen apart.

I chose this technique because it would not put stress on those vintage fabrics. 1,344 2.5" folded blocks.

It lived on a large bed until we moved back to a house too small for a big bed, and was passed to my second daughter in August, 2007.
even without any batting, it is very heavy.

This year, along with friends, I am trying to meet another cathedral-window challenge. As it is just too awfully hot to work on the Black and white quilt. I pulled out some donated muslin that is a bit heavy and I had no plans to use in a quilt.

 I haven't decided where I am going with this project, but just getting this far, it is hard to look back at that first quilt and understand how I managed to get that far.

Maybe in those days I was less of a perfectionist.

Nikko's walks are getting shorter and shorter.
When she first came home with the kids, I would take her to the same spot each day, walk her back and forth, and back and forth, saying, "Hurry-up". After she took care of business, she got the fun part of the "walk" as a reward.
These days, we have returned to that plan, only in a different place, and I don't even have to tell her to hurry-up. A short trip to the corner and back and I am dripping wet ... without any rain. The typhoon did little damage but the humidity it left behind still hangs in the air. The wind today is not cool but more like a blast furnace. At least I don't have to go out and water the plants....


  1. That is an amazing quilt, especially when you consider the number of pieces involved. But is must be very specila with all those wonderful fabrics.

  2. Oh, have you already got started on your Cathedral Windows!? I have to find my thinking cap before I can put it on, and get started. That quilt of the 1980s is huge! Are you gong to make the new one the same size? Probably not - too bulky to carry around in Tokyo Dome in January!

  3. AWESOME quilt!! I have never made a Cathedral Windows quilt - but I have seen several. Yours is the most beautiful one of all - and it's HUGE!! - ;))

  4. Oh! What a spectacular quilt! I do enjoy reading your blog and about your life there in Japan. Thanks for blogging and sharing with us readers.

  5. It is a beautiful looking quilt … and don't know if you noticed .. but you put that you gave it to your daughter in 1907! Gave me a giggle x

  6. Wow that's a big cathedral window. I can't imagine doing that myself. Looking forward to your new proje"t.

  7. That is a beautiful quilt and a beautiful way to keep the memories of your Great Grandmother's quilt.
    I was like that a few weeks ago, the breeze was like opening the oven after having the broiler on, no relief.
    We went from Swimming this week to wearing pants today, but I am not complaining, so much nicer, beach combing in the cooler air.


  8. Great quilt. Too bad you aren't here. High of 73 with no humidity. Fall is trying to arrive.

  9. What a masterpiece that quilt is! Making one is on my bucket list, but I'm still working on my hand pieced hexagon quilt years later - I can't imagine how long a Cathedral Windows would take me!

  10. My comments are still NOT going through... With that gorgeous Cathedral Window quilt why would you agree to do the technique again! I am NOT making any progress!