Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Banner time

For the past seven years, I have been making banners to hang in the church during the season of stewardship commitments.

Many of these past banners are still hanging in the halls, the stairs, and the entryway.

So .... no surprise, the time had come for me to come up with another banner for this fall.

The design was made by one of the youth at the church. The Theme is ... Serve the Lord with Gladness.

I can't say I am very excited with the design, but she has re-done it a few times and it was accepted by the committee.

I really didn't want to make an all white banner, and after giving it some thought, I went out on Monday and bought some fabric dye.

After making a test piece, and thinking about it for a day, I decided to tie-dye the background.

Not a terrific job, but better than a solid white.

Yesterday I traced the sections on to the fabric and pinned them in position.

Worrying about the pins falling out while I worked, I then basted all the bits and pieces in place.
By evening, I had sewed the face, hair, and t-shirt to the background.

Today I finished sewing down the parts.

Then I went through my stash and found a light floral print that I thought might work for the backing.

When I laid it out, I discovered that it was lined with white cotton, probably once used as a curtain.
I un-sewed the seams and plucked out the threads, and ironed the piece. Well, I then began thinking it might show through in the light areas because I was only using #40 thinsulate which I often use for table runners.

So ... I went back to the white lining and picked that apart to use instead.

Laying everything on the floor, I pin-basted the layers. Then I decided it would work better to just baste the whole banner. That way I can use a hoop ...  or not ... as I want ... and depending where I carry this for work.

Now the quilting of the figure has begun.

After this is done I may need to add some embroidery.
Last of all, I will add the message and any other embellishments.

The design changed a bit since last week when I picked up the copy. I have not yet decided the color of the letters or what I might quilt into the background.
Sunday I have a communications meeting and might get some feedback from that group.

I have so many other things on my calendar, that I am glad to get this thing moving forward,

The size, like the former banners is 28"x38" so I just might be able to carry it with me for take-along work.


  1. It's looking wonderful Julie! You are so skilled and create so quickly. Very gracious creating "someone else's" vision. This will be a blessing to all who visit your church. I look forward to see your progress with quilting and embroidery. Gayle

  2. your clever dyeing of the background reflects so well the sentiments of the banner. Irene from Northern Ireland

  3. The dyed fabric is perfect, like sunshine rays, bursting with joy.

  4. It looks GREAT!! The tie-dyed background is perfect - and a wonderful alternative to solid white. You should be finished in no time considering how quickly you get your projects sewn - ;))

  5. You are so hard on yourself, it is amazing and I love how the tie dye came out, perfect bust of color rays, to set her in.
    You amaze me, with the creative ideas you come up with and how you do the banners each year, each one is so special.


  6. Your background creates a lot of motion! It is very gracious of you to use someone else's idea. But that's you, a team player.

  7. You have been busy and there is a lot of progress. Great to see the banner underway.

  8. I've been asked to make some banners for our church. This would be a great one to do. Could I get permission to use it?

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