Thursday, November 29, 2018


Finally, a bit of fall color!

This little Japanese maple was rescued from a friend who had to move to an apartment with no outside space to keep it.

While neighborhood trees have been dropping dried green and brown leaves, this tree has been patiently waiting for a hint of fall.
This week it's waiting time was over.

The lace-leaf maple took a clue and has changed colors too.

A gardner stopped by and trimmed the vine-leaf maple, third in the row, and though there are few leaves left, it decided to add a bit of color to the equation.

The enkianthus in the shade of the plum tree has added some color too

Though fall has finally arrived, this little potted Hosta that had already begun to lose leaves for fall, has tossed up a flower bud. I hope I will get to see it bloom before winter arrives.

None of my hostas bloomed during the hot summer so this will be a treat if it lasts long enough to open.

With much cooler days, it has been nice to sit under the hoop containing the big-boy quilt.
Today the in-the-ditch quilting is done in all the 80 blocks and I will get to begin the sashiko big-stitching.

Wednesday I went shopping for more of the black and white thread. Hopefully I have enough because I cleaned out those two drawers of thread at my little friendly shop.

Each day, Nikko and I walk down to the parking area and I run my hands over all four tires of my van. So far, I have found no screws, but If I do, I will call the police while the evidence is there. Hopefully that will not happen. Our church prayer-chain is blasting the unknown guy with prayers for peace.

Sunday will be our "Choir-Sunday" where we will give music in place of a sermon at two services. It has been fun preparing throughout the fall months. Last dress rehearsal was last night and even though I was the only tenor to make it, I felt confident with holding my part, so I am looking forward to the real thing.


  1. I have a few stragglers who haven't given into fall. I think the hot and cold temps, is confusing them.
    We had a japanese maple, until my son ran into it with a lawn mower, no idea how he didn't see it;)


  2. Hi Julie, never was able to forward the info. Thought you might like to hear of like-minded kind people like yourself who provide nigiri. Apparently, they do a yearly campaign. Tried to send info re your early morning food efforts. Alas, my computer skills are lacking. Please look them up. One of the organization names is "Two Tables".


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  4. Your tableau is so peaceful. One of my favorite things to do while living in Tokyo was to walk back streets to see the mixture of buildings and tiny garden areas. Thanks for this little bit loveliness.

  5. Beautiful maples. Your post reminds me how long it takes to hand-stitch a quilt, and how satisfying it is. My hand was unable to hand stitch last year at this time. I thought I wouldn't be able to do it again. But with rest, it has recovered. I look forward to trying it again.

  6. I love your front garden. So Japanese. Compact and everything is there. Hope it's not getting too cold yet. In a meanwhile in Ireland, we are having too much rain!