Friday, August 23, 2019

Trying to get my act together

The color for the underworld is green. I dug through a number of greens to use on the backing. I ended up using the one on top of the leaf-print. It has an interesting texture looking like grass.

I drew the four animals in their corners and will see what I can do with thread.

After basting the layers, I looked through my thread collection and found some thread that might work, but not sure there is enough on the card for all I need to do. Well, I decided to walk to the next station where there is a small fabric and stitchery shop. I had held off because they are usually closed on Thursday for part of the day and I thought Friday would be safe. Wrong! They are closed for the week. Maybe Obon holiday ... there was a note pasted to the shutter.
I walked around the neighborhood but there are no other shops ... even the department store ... that have thread or other supplies ... except for the 100 yen store, and not much of a choice there either.

So ... I guess this will be on hold for a few days until I find the kind of thread I envision. I could work on the animals, but was hoping to get the center done first. I also want to find 16 pearl buttons to place at each of the points.

The size is 24 inches square. I kind of wish I had  square table that it could fit. It is a bit too large for a pillow. I could make a hanging, but there is an extreme shortage of wall space in this house

Birding tomorrow with the scouts ... Choir begins on Sunday after a short summer break. One of these days I will get my act together....


  1. Lovely greens, and what a trial to find a shop with thread. I can see the animals all ready waiting, this is a beauty.

  2. That is so pretty!! Your use of the green for the back - symbolizing the underworld is perfect! I hope you find the thread you're looking for - it's so frustrating when you know what you want and then can't find it. Have fun birding with the scouts - and choir - ;))

  3. A lovely restful piece. In my experience one's act never comes together. I just stumble along but lots of actions get done somehow. You live such a useful life!

  4. It is so frustrating when stores are closed when you need them open! We ran into closed stores and restaurants during obon too. You would think that would be when people have time to visit them!