Saturday, August 31, 2019

Look what flew in

The last critter has now joined the medicine wheel and I am currently adding Celtic knots. I think these will work well with my mandela. No connection with Native American themes, but being a Scouter, I have always been working with knots, teaching knots and braiding the right knot for the right purpose.

Of course the purpose of these knots is to fill  border space, but I like the meaning they represent, eternity, loyalty, faith, friendship, love, and the interconnection of life and our place within the universe. I think that is also fitting with a meditative mandela, so I have been drafting a few knots to fit the spaces on the inner border.
There may be a trinity shaped knot to fill the corner spaces.

I'm not sure where this will end up, but I am enjoying the journey....


  1. And I'm enjoying watching your progress - this is another beautiful work of art - ;))

  2. More added every day, the owl is magnificent with that fine stitching, and the Celtic knots tying everything together with all the meanings. Lovely, every part.

  3. So thoughtful in every detail - just fabulous!

  4. Not only are you skilled, but creative in your designs. I wish there was a way to purchase a mini version of this design and others!