Monday, September 2, 2019


This morning the mouse watched the last stitch go into the border of the mandela.

Next I will have to decide on the binding.

I really don't want to spend money so I will have to dig out something from my collection of leftovers.

Red, yellow, grey,...
I may have some rainbow bias left over.

I also took the flower quilt up to the sauna in the upstairs apartment and pin-basted it after piecing the batting.

I was thinking of thread basting it but that would take several more hours and I need to go to get dog food before the rest of my Tuesday schedule hits the fan.
As it is, there is construction going on in my neighborhood and if I take the car as usual, I will need to drag the heavy bag back from the parking area because there is no room for cars to pass to get to my house ... so, I will take the train and a roller-bag as the walking distance is about the same.

I am enjoying these volunteers blooming along the base of my garden wall.

These come up from bulbs and do not produce seeds. The flowers last a few days.

The yellow ones are a bit smaller and also come from bulbs.

You can see the seed pods with three pockets of ripening seeds.

These both begin blooming toward the end of summer and thrive on neglect ... my favorite kind of garden flower.
Maybe some member of the lily family?

Guess I should take some time to go through all my plant books. After all, I have enough of them!

Hoping now for a few cooler days  so I can get that quilt in the hoop and begin to quilt that fabric garden.


  1. Your Mandala design came out beautifully. I love the animals representing the north, east, south, and west. Lovely flowers! I miss having a garden.

  2. The stitching in the border has worked well. Good luck finding the right binding.

  3. Your little mouse is adorable. I've been using leftovers to make bindings lately and have come to like the look. Like you, I'd rather use what's at hand {of which I have too much} than buy more.

  4. Your mandela quilt has come along so quickly! You've already finished the quilting!!! And in the heat we had this summer! I hope you find the perfect binding for the quilt and that we get to see the whole thing in a near post.