Monday, September 30, 2019

Another finish

Well, the border linked hearts don't really show up very well, but it is now done and bound and labeled and ready to pass to the next step on its way to Austria.

Next in line should be a stewardship banner, and I have a plan in mind, but the committee is yet to discuss let alone approve the plan. Hopefully I won't be backed into the corner at the last minute.

I am thinking of beginning to sew the feedsack blocks together. I need to make one more block and then lay them out for arrangement.

The spider lilies outside my front gate have finally bloomed. I think with so many tall buildings cutting off all but about 30 minutes of sun to the garden has made a big difference on the timing and amount of blooms my small garden produces.

Even the toad lilies are much later producing buds this year.

The weather is a wee bit cooler.
I have been leaving Nikko outside between the front door and the gate during the daytime. The space is a bit bigger than the genkan. Of course she knocks over flowerpots and tracks dirt all over, but it is easier to sweep up than the scrubbing down of the genkan tiles.

Tonight I will leave her out a bit longer until I return from church ... and see how it goes.


  1. Such a beautiful quilt, Julie ! I Always admire your choice of colors, fabrics, and -above all - your tenacity to finish what you begin… Well done, my friend :)

  2. Another so beautiful quilt, love the inner border with tiny corner stones? pieces, and the colours all go together so well. A WHOLE lot of stitching, this is a real delight to look at.

  3. Another beautiful quilt Julie. From Japan all the way to Austria, very cool. And, so nice for Nikko to be able to be outside in these cooler temps.

  4. Beautiful fabrics: colorful but soft. Congratulations on a lovely finish.

  5. Your quilt is lovely ..... soft and the hand quilting ..... lovely!

  6. I like the quilt and the quilting makes the blocks pop. Hopefully Nikko is doing better outside than inside.

  7. Your quilt is exquisite!!! What a treasure for the recipient!

    I’m glad to hear that Nikko weathered through the summer and can now enjoy a bit of calm cool weather. The winter will be upon us again soon...

  8. You must be very pleased with this, both piecing and quilting; it's delightful.

  9. Thank you for your reply on Tanya’s blog so I know that you are okay. This quilt is beautiful!

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