Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Next ...

The big stitch is all done and next on the list is quilting the border.

I pulled out the stencil I made for the last baby quilt, but it was too large to fit this border. I really liked that design so decided to make a new stencil.

I am not sure the stitching will show at all but it showed up on the last busy print so I will keep working.

Hardest part is marking the fabric. My favorite marker is the sewline mechanical pencil but white really doesn't show up well.  The blue on blue is not so good either, though it will stay on the fabric until I put water on the lines with a paintbrush. The purple shows up the best, but because the markings disappear with time ... and the humidity speeds the time ... I have to mark as I go.

I really won't know the total results before I get to the end.

It looks like I will have a bit more time than expected this weekend because, though I had been planning to attend the choir retreat, the facility will not allow dogs ... even if they will be in a car or kennel and not go into buildings. I was planning to take Nikko and sleep with her in the van.
With her declining health, I don't want to hire a sitter and have been taking it day by day. This will be the first time for me to miss the practice and fellowship over many years, so it is a bit sad. I can practice at home and since I don't miss regular weekly practices, I should be able to learn my parts OK.

Though it is still humid, the weather is beginning to cool a bit.

  Today Nikko is enjoying a bit of outdoor time between the front door and the gate. I am trying to manage her meals and walks to reduce the number of times I have to spend scrubbing down the genkan area.

I hope by this time next week I will be looking for binding.


  1. Sorry to hear about Nikko. It is always a hard time when pets age and become frail.

  2. Your big stitch quilting is lovely! It is hard when pets get frail and we just want to give them more love and attention .....

  3. The border hearts are just right, and Nikko, life with an older pet is sometimes hard, and we do make changes to our own plans to fit around them.You will be there in your heart.XXX from a very wet and cold N.Z. , hail,snow further south, gale winds in places.

  4. I have been thinking of you and Nikko a lot this week. The heat is still with us and that is not good but at Nikko's age, everyday can be a challenge. You are good to put your plans aside for her and as a fellow animal lover I understand completely how you don't want her to be lonely for you, don't want to put a burden on a sitter, don't want to miss time with her. Yes, take it all one day at a time but do try to pamper yourself a bit when you can... All worry can be hard on YOUR body too.

  5. Sorry you and Nikko will be missing the retreat - you are so sweet and thoughtful though. I love the hand quilting - I am thinking of digging out a basted quilt and working on the quilting over the winter. Happy week ahead my friend.

  6. Sorry you missed the retreat, but Nikko is worth it. I'll be starting choir practice this Wednesday for the Christmas program.