Sunday, January 23, 2022

Next to last step

 The thing I worried about most, was quilting the floral print border. Should I outline the pattern with navy stitching? That might have been a plan, but using navy thread on the navy background could be a problem. I had tried it on the Hawaiian blocks, and in some places the thread left a small loop and it was hard to see until it was too late to fix.  It really didn't show up in the echo quilting either.I left the parts I had done in navy, but switched to a regular blue.

I decided to use white thread on the print instead, as I had just bought a new spool, so am sure I will have enough. Then next, what should I do in the larger areas? This design is not really suitable for echo quilting. I used thinsulate for batting which will not shift and does not really need heavy quilting. 

I decided to try randomly sketched hearts, and use the lighter blue thread. Once I put those in, I decided this will be the way I quilt the rest of the border. I basted the border every 6 to 8 inches, and I can work on this part without using a hoop. I think this quilt has decided what it wants, and we are both happy.

Sitting here in my livingroom quilting, I am enjoying the birds visiting my window cafe. Last week I re-stocked my supply of sunflower seeds. Then, I began to notice they were disappearing at a faster rate.


I had seen this visitor last year, and moved the window cafe up higher, so it was not in reach of the fence below. That had seemed to be working, but this "Kuma nezumi" is a bit smarter than I thought. He has found a route along the top of the window ledge, that he can drop down into the feeder.

When I opened the curtains to get a better look, he did not jump down to the fence and run along the top, but leaped up in the air to the top of the window.

With him gone, the birds returned, but at night he must have come back, because the feeder had nothing left but seed shells.

I wonder if I need to remove the feeder from the window at night, or just buy more seeds. I wonder if this is the guy that chewed the electric wires to my heated floor.

My english student says he has seen the rat at the entrance to the house across the street. We have a number of old houses that were built in the day the area under the house was open with a few grates around the base. In the past, when we had rat problems, we closed off those open grates at our house to keep the rats out. I knew it did not get rid of the problem because I often see droppings or evidence of plant seeds being chewed.
We have many feral cats in the area, but they don't seem interested in that kind of problem solving. This guy probably knows I'm a rat-year person, and is taking advantage.


  1. I am amazed at how long this rat's tail is! You are making fast progress on your beautiful quilt; thank you for sharing. Thank you for sharing about the rat, too; I find all wildlife fascinating.

  2. Your quilt progress is coming along so quickly, And as for the RAT, with that massive tail, I can truly say if I saw one like that over here, I would be physically sick. Mice I barely tolerate, but those other ones scare me SO much. I do hoe he never comes inside.

  3. I'm sorry to hear of the rat problem, but so pleased that both you and the quilt are now happy with what you are doing!

  4. Beautiful work on the blocks OH MY! I would have jumped and RNN!!!

  5. Your hearts are the PERFECT solution! I hope you come up with a way to deal with the rat - ;))

  6. It is a shame that rats get the bad end of the rodent rating while mice are still considered cute... but I'm afraid I'd have trouble welcoming this one myself... He's just trying to make a living but even so...

  7. The hearts are working really well in your borders. Great choice of design. Shame about the rat getting into the seeds, but you do have to admire the skill of getting down like that.