Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Contest anyone?

I put my table runner into the Quilting Bloggers weekly theme contest.
I know for a fact that all you guys have gorgeous runners because I have seen them!
So... why did I bother? Actually I doubt I will get even one vote unless I vote for myself but I really wanted to see how hard it was to enter something.
Since it is so easy that I could figure it out, why don't you blogging buddies put yours there???
If not, go vote for mine, Ha, Ha!! (at least it is an original and no money was spent on fabric!)
I've already won ... one free runner :>)


  1. Julie, would love to vote for you but I don't know where. Is there a link?

  2. Me too Julie - where do we go to vote? blessings, marlene

  3. Hi, I entered my tablerunner as well and checking out the blogs of other's who've entered. There are many beautiful runners by very talented women. I can't decide who to vote for. Not sure I can even vote for my own in good conscience. haha! But my mom did, said mine was the nicest. I don't trust her judgment because that was spoken like a true mom. haha. I entered for fun and don't expect to win either.

    Your runner is pretty and I love the colors. It's very sweet that yours is from scraps. I like scrappy things. Especially, when it gives it more meaning because you can remember what you made from the fabrics, for who, etc.

    Enjoyed stopping by your blog!! Merry Christmas!

  4. Julie -

    I just found where to cast my vote - and I also just barely made the deadline - Sunday night 11:59PM - so you got my vote for this week - good luck!!

    I even entered one of my own quilts for next week's theme - Christmas (non-tablerunner). Thanks for reminding me that Michelle runs weekly themed contests. I don't usually enter contests like this and was really surprised when I realized that I had made a quilt that would actually qualify - wow! What fun!!

    Good luck - and Merry Christmas!!