Sunday, May 1, 2011

Golden Week 2011

This week brings a whole string of holidays beginning with the former Emperor's birthday on the 29th of April and ending on the 5th of May, Children's Day. (The former Boy's Day). When my children were young, the third day of the third month was the Doll Festival and celebrated by girls with an elaborate display of court dolls and special foods. The fifth day of the fifth day was "Boys Day". The display for that day is a miniature set of armor or a helmet, swords. bows and arrows, and banners.

From a tall pole carp streamers are flown representing the father and sons. Well, for whatever reason you can imagine, the day was declared to be "Children's Day" as the years passed but the displays have not changed even though some of those carp streamers are now representing daughters.

Using a tenugui carp, I made this table runner many years ago. In those days I had a large table seating 16 people so this runner is now running off both ends of my coffee table. The round applique is a wheel with feathers that turns in the wind at the top of the pole.

The printed panel is for boys day and shows Kintaro riding on a bear. I had two panels that were similar and used one of them on the back of my grandson Ben"s quilt. This one is very bold and I shall never use it but if anyone out there would like to have it, just let me know. The size is 33"x43". cotton made by Kanebo

While I am at it, I found these cat panels that were hiding in that same box and would like a new home as well. There are three of the first panel with pink, red and yellow floral borders

and one of the second panel with a green floral border. The individual cat pictures are about 15in. square with the frame and the whole panel of four is about 34"x 44". They might make a cute bag but I have more bags than storage space. The selvage says "designed in the U.S.A. for Erlanger"

And why do I have these if I am not planning to use them? Don't even ask! But if I can find someone who wants them for free... I may have some more stuff to pass along.

And now, blooming just in time for this season is my Iris. Actually, it is my Sister-in-law's iris. Some years ago she planted the bulb in the garden and it came up as a surprise two years ago, one lone flower in the middle of a gardenia bush. Last year it bloomed again and I was thinking I might move it to a better spot when this year it sent up three flowers. Now I am thinking it seems to like it where it is and I'd better leave well enough alone. These Iris open pale yellow and white but as the days go on the yellow becomes more intense and the centers turn lavender. For those who make seasonal Ikebana arrangements, the iris is used on boys day as the leaves are shaped like swords.

Happy Golden Week to all!


  1. I love the cat panel and have two of them (I made into a pillow). The fabric shop on the mountain sold them separately and I bought the calico one and orange one. I love them all, and would love to have them, but what about postage?
    June in Dobson, NC

  2. I love that the Japanese celebrate so many things. It must be tiring though. I get tired with the few celebrations we have. Election day in Canada today. The television is frantic with news, between that, Mr. Bin Laden, and we just got over the wedding. I can barely stand to have the thing on, but DH listens or watches almost constantly. Beautiful Iris. My orchid (an indoor plant) looks like it is going to bloom again. Second time this year!

  3. Because my current activity is packing, and must be preceeded by sorting, I am not even remotely interested in any of your lovely give-aways, Julie dear. (^0^) Hope everything finds a good home.

  4. Well, you know that I like the cat panels! But June has first dibs and she is a wonderful blog friend with two kitties of her own (I know... I've sent them cat treats). Let's see what she will make of them!

  5. What a lovely post Julie. Your runner is gorgeous.

  6. Julie the runner is simply gorgeous - I love the colors particularly. My iris didn't do well this year, not sure why. I might need to move them since they are under a tree and probably aren't getting the sunshine they want! blessings, marlene