Wednesday, November 21, 2012

An Early Thanksgiving

One week has passed since saying "Good-bye" to  my #1 son, Ken, and his wife, Zia.

I am so happy that in those short two weeks, we could cram in so much family time. Norie, Hiro (behind the camera), and Leia joined us to make our days more special.

We do not need a turkey on the table to give thanks for the joy this year has brought... or even wait for the "real" day to arrive.

The meal was prepared by Ken and Zia and all I had to do was make the pie. The request was for a pecan pie from a recipe given me long ago by a family friend.

For once I didn't over-cook it because I stayed in the tiny kitchen and watched it while I cleaned up sticky areas, picked up crums and dog hair, and arranged shelves.

In the week that has just passed I have tried to fit in a Christmas present I have been working on.

Meanwhile, the Bible quilt class made big progress but I forgot my camera.

There was a spectacular Art show at Jiyu Gakuen, which I had to enjoy in less time than I might have wished because I was scheduled to take off with Nikko to the BSA-SAJ friendship Patrol-o-ree Friday afternoon.

All day Saturday I ran the knot-tying challenge ... plenty of rain and wet rope ... and a campfire that didn't take place that evening, then rush home in time to get up early for Church and choir, then off to my Pack's raingutter regatta. (blowing those boats into a gusty wind on the roof of the Tokyo American Club).

No stitching to show from me. BUT... Here is some cute stitchery by Naomi, my granddaughter. Can you believe this work came from the hands of a three-year-old?

Here is some more!

A little pouch and a necklace of felt pieces.

Naomi made these at school so probably did not get lots of individual instruction. I wish I could have been a little mouse in the corner of that classroom to watch the process.

And while I am bragging about my talented granddaughter, I will show you what her mother, my #1 daughter is making as a napping quilt for Naomi.

I love those birds in the air!

I also love the fact that some of those nuts have not fallen far from the tree.

So, as others are preparing that turkey and getting ready to sit down to a feast, I will get back to my Christmas project and choir practice and give lots of thanks for the blessings of family, friends, Scouting, yes, and even dog hair.

May your Blessings be Many too!


  1. It is wonderful that you could spend time with your family, anytime is a good time to have a meal together and count our blessings. Wonderful pieces that Naomi made, she is a budding quilter, as well as your daughter.


  2. Julie, to you and yours, wherever they are, Blessings to all at Thanksgiving. Down here I have extra special thanks for all my blog friends, Hugh's health, our sunny weather, our family, and our cats( last, not least).A time to reflect on the last few weeks, and think of you all in the Northern Hemisphere, colder days. frosts,snow, and all else.Fond greetings, Jean.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Your pie looks delicious..I'm drooling all over my laptop.
    Your granddaughter is very talented. I can believe it. She takes after her Grandma.

  4. You are so busy doing good things Julie - so inspiring. Naomi's stitches are adorable. So nice that you've had time with your son's family. Looks like a great meal together. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Hi.
    How clever your granddaugther are :-) and your daugther,they must have learned a lot from you :-)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all.
    Hugs :-)

  6. so glad you had a good time with the family xx .. good work from all sections of the family xx

  7. How wonderful that you had such a long visit with your son and his family. And I love that you have passed your love of sewing on to your daughter and granddaughter. I am thankful for you and our long-distance friendship this Thanksgiving. Susan

  8. Your influence and love are spread far and wide. Happy Thanksgiving, Julie

  9. Julie, blessings to you and your wonderful family. What fun you always have with your family. And yes, that is certainly a talented granddaughter. Those birds in the air are beautiful. I always have such trouble with those flying geese.

  10. Pecan pie is my favourite and that one looks spectacular.

  11. Hi, Julie. I'm tired just from reading about all your activities! I really enjoyed seeing the quilt show in your previous post. I find Japanese quilts to be so often over the top in attention to detail and design. Gorgeous quilting going on there in your corner of the world!
    And have a happy holiday season with lots of stitching and creativity!
    best, nadia

  12. What a beautiful family Julie! I love the stitching of your little one and I know you're thrilled to be passing it on. Your pie is simply gorgeous - too pretty to eat, though I'll be they managed. :) blessings, marlene

  13. Three generations of stitchers - I love it!