Friday, November 30, 2012

Boredom deferred

It is going to take a long time, but the quilting has begun.
Since these blocks are rather random fabrics, I decided that quilting in the ditch is probably the best way to go.

After spending half a day crawling around on the floor at my rice store friend's tatami room, I had pinned and basted and un-basted without ending up much farther than I had begun.

In the end, this was mostly basted with safety pins. There will probably be some final adjustments to make while quilting so I have found the center block and will try to work my way out to the borders, hoping any lumps and bumps will get worked out.

The layers seem to be flat and I am not expecting much trouble ... as long as I keep working from the center out. I am thinking I may add a sparkly twist-em to that pin in the center block so I can keep going evenly and not get lost in the process..

I have this on my large floor hoop now and I can pile all the edges up on top when I go to do other things. That prevents Nikko from lounging on the edges. Goodness knows, there is already a ton of dog hair in this quilt without adding more! The days are getting colder and I am looking forward to snuggling and quilting.

Meanwhile, there are a few more projects nagging for attention. I need to make a gift for the Women's Conference speaker by the end of January. I also have to do some work on the ASIJ Gala quilt ... drafting patterns from my drawings. Then there are all those signed pieces of fabric from the church's 140th anniversary gathering to figure out how to use in a hanging or banner.

Meanwhile, tomorrow I hike with the Cubs through Kamakura with the Japanese Scouts, during the day and attend a Far East Council  anniversary Gala in the evening. Then Sunday is "Choir Sunday" and we sing two services. Following that I race off to another Cub Scout activity in the afternoon. Monday will begin very early with rice ball delivery to the homeless.

I remember my twin brother always complaining, "I'm bored"! My mother would suggest things he could do, none of which had any appeal to him, and I just couldn't see HOW anyone could ever be bored ... there were never enough hours in the day to do all I wanted. Over seventy five years later, I am still scrambling to make time for all I want to do.

And there are a few things I needed to begin a bit earlier on.

This advent calendar ... well, the hanging part ... went flying off to my daughter. I didn't get the wooden decorations carved and painted but she has some older ones we made long ago that she thinks will work.

I had the pieces all cut and in a baggie with my knives, thinking I would work on whittling them during the BSA-SAJ Friendship Patrol-o-ree weekend. Little did I know that "helping" meant running one of the stations.
I really prefer to make all that mess outside but now it is getting a bit cold for whittling in the woods.

In addition, I remembered after cutting all those pieces, that I had planned to make 24 different kinds of birds to go in that tree. For another birder in the family, that might be fun but would take a whole lot more drafting and cutting. Too much procrastination causes delays.

I read on other blogs about all kinds of presents in the works so I know I am not the only one on a count-down. I hope you all have a happy and productive weekend as December rolls in... and no boredom!


  1. I'm glad to see your x and + quilt ready for quilting, it's gorgeous! I look forward to seeing it finished... maybe in the fall? Your advent calendar came out nicely; I didn't realize you would do the actual carving on the blocks - so talented!

  2. I know what you mean about not having any time to be bored. I ALWAYS have something I have to do or want to do. That X and + quilt is looking so pretty. Stitch-in-the-ditch will be perfect for that quilt.

  3. Pretty Advent calendar!!

    I hear you on not understanding boredom. I have a ton of things I want to learn and do and never enough time in the day to get to everything!

  4. I never have enough time to get it all done. I started early but the months flew by, so doing what I can and putting my things aside. Then after the holidays I will work on all the things I wanted to make and have them for next year.


  5. Julie, I, too, am never bored, and yes, not enough hours or days to do what I want to. My list of "what I really want to do" gets longer, I get older, and I get more busy helping Hugh outside with garden, firewood, and growing veges from seed.You seem to pack so much into each day, and now winter is with you, no slowing down and being inside keeping warm. That beautiful quilt will be the very best for snuggling under and quilting in the winter, love the design.Greetings from Jean

  6. I just love your scrappy quilt. The sashing is perfect. It really sets off the scrappy colors.
    Funny, I just got asked that question - How do you keep yourself from being bored? I gave a long list of things I do starting with quilting and told her I needed an extra 24 hours a day to finish up my dream list!

  7. Love that scrappy quilt! Boredom .... what is that? My list keeps getting longer for the things waiting to get done.

  8. I wondered when I saw the Advent Calendar in the previous post if you had the little bits all carved. I have always thought that to be one of the most inscrutable of your talents. I continue to founder in the post Japan sea. Have to get organized or this holiday will pass me by! Love you!

  9. Hello Julie!

    Your quilt is perfect!! Wonderful!!! And so is the calendar!

    Well done!! Hugs -Sandra

  10. I know all about having way too much to do. I am rarely bored :) I love the x and y quilt and it is going to look fantastic when it is done. Good luck with the quilting. Do you do it on the subway?

  11. Mom, Thank you so much for the lovely and festive advent calendar! I remember years and years ago asking you for one of the felt versions we had when I was growing up. The quilted one is much prettier! The molded ornaments are working just fine, and I was relieved that when I went to get them out that they were all there! One was broken, but went back together perfectly with some craft glue. Naomi wakes each day and wants to hang the daily ornament before anything else. Thanks again.
    Love, Julie

  12. I just love seeing a quilt in a quilting hoop. I don't know why, it seems even more homey than up on a wall or on a bed. That is sure a beauty!

  13. Oh Julie, so lovely to see your quilting on the +&x - will make a post one day soon. All is fine, sort of!
    Hugs - Lurline.