Sunday, November 11, 2012

International Quilt Week Yokohama 2012 Part 1

I just can't figure out why something lasting only three days is called "Quilt Week"!  I came very close to missing this one. Included in Thursday dinner guests, was a good family friend of the family who wanted to meet up with my son while he is in town. He happened to ask me if I had been to the quilt show in Yokohama. Huh? He had seen the signs advertising the show the day before.

Only two days left and both of those days with major activities.
Since all day Saturday I would be teaching Scout leaders in the nature parts of Introduction to Outdoor Leadership, there was only Friday morning left and that was tight because of a Cub pack meeting in the evening.

I rushed off to see as much as I could of the show.

I have been attending every year since the beginning and this year's exhibit seemed to be the best so far. There was much more room to walk around so that people were not crammed up against the quilts Also there were more areas where photographs were allowed.

This butterfly quilt by Kikuko Miawaki was just inside the entry.

There was a category called "memorial and pictorial message quilts"

I thought this house by Kazuko Kida was interesting.

The labels were all in Japanese but most of them had the quilter's name in Roman lettering.

I rather liked this version of azure-winged magpies attaching the ripe persimmons. Quite right for this season.
The quilter,I think, Sanae Takata.

Here is a happy quilt group made by Kazuko Suwa.

Ans another of a family group.
It could have been Suwa-san who made this one. I took notes in the border of me floor-plan map while I was walking and it is a bit hard to figure out.

thse trees in all seasons was by Kumiko Minami.

This stunning red quilt was the creation of  (again, I have two names together, but I think this was done by Yoshiko  Hozumi.), and the following detail is a section of one made by Yumi Odashima.

The handwork was very detailed and I love the kasuri background.

These pups are so cute! They are all dressed in different neckties. The title in Japanese was, Papa no necktie niyou? (meaning do I look good in Papa's neckties?)

My sweet garden by Kako Kusamoto.

All in blue and white was striking. I think those quilts against the colored walls were winners. If this one wasn't, it should have been.

This quilt was in the "traditional" catagory. It isn't what I might label as traditional. It was by Hisako Chiba.

This red and white quilt. also "traditional" was made by Tomoko Hosokawa.

Stay tuned, I still have a few more pictures stored in my files.


  1. so cool to see all these japanese quilts, they are SO different from the US, I sure don't see any traditional ones :-)

  2. I can't believe I'm not there this year. Missing everything/one.

  3. It is so lovely to see quilt shows from around the world,places I will only see through others eyes.Thank you.

  4. Love the dogs in neckties quilt. I did a google search, but, couldn't find anything like it. Wish I could. It would be a great way to use my father's ties. He loved dogs. Oh well, thanks for the great pictures.

  5. I loved all the sakura quilts! So beautiful! And such talent - using so many different techniques in one quilt...

  6. Thanks for doing all the footwork! Wot incredible stuff.

  7. So glad you made it to the show and took the time to share it with us, some wonderful quilts, such detailed work.

  8. What a quilt show! So much talent and diversity! It is awesome and inspiring and a wee-bit overwhelming. One day, I hope to make an art quilt worth showing.

  9. Fun! Thanks for sharing all of the photos!

  10. Hi Julie, it could be called half quilt week, but it could last more days. All the works are beautiful! I wish I could see them in person!

    Have a lovely week - Hugs - Sandra

  11. Thanks for sharing! It is so neat to see quilts that are so differs from what I would normally see here in Virginia.