Sunday, November 11, 2012

Quilt Week Yokohama 2012 part 2

Here are a few more quilts that caught my eye .

These blocks are all variations of the same pattern of stars made with pieced diamonds and triangles. I thought the joining areas very unusual.

It was made by Atsuko Akatsuka.

This tree was by Misa Kato in the Japanese quilt category.

This quilt by Yoko Otani has lots of kanji.
It reminds me of a calligraphy piece goven me many years ago of 100 ways of writing Fuku, or good fortune as many are that kanji.

If you would like to see some fine details of this quilt, check out Cynthia"s post on the .

She also has some other quilts in detail and A few I have not posted.

Flower baskets by Teruko Yamaguchi.

A lot of work went into this one!

A hanakurama or flower cart by Mami Hosotani.

Festival lanterns by Shizuko Yoshizawa.

I have seen this pattern before but this had a nice festive twist.

I think this plum tree quilt was made by Hatsue Kobayashi.

This was certainly an interesting construction of individual plates, each with a different selection of food items.

It was in the contemporary category and the name seemed to be "cherry basket"

 Also among the contemporary was this quilt that seems to be made in the style of Paula Nadelstern, who was mentioned on the tag. A number of years ago Paula was featured at a Tokyo show.

Some other displays....

The usual small exhibits and the giant banner quilts above.

There were numerous areas with classes by different groups.

 A winner made from sword shield designs  by Junko Kubo.

Another winner by Chieko Sharaishi
and another of the winners called "Lace in the Garden" by Junko Sano.

I am so glad it was not my job to pick a winner. There were so many beautiful quilts there. 
I was glad, too, that I didn't miss this show entirely. I looked around for one of my favorite vendors that usually comes from Hawaii but there didn't seem to be any foreign vendors at all this time. Luckily, I was able to leave the venue without adding to my stash. I did see some lovely Kasuri but though the shop-keeper stated his goods were cheap, 500 yen for a tiny piece about 8"x 10" seemed way out of my range.

 Only two and a half days left to enjoy my family time. I have taken some nice nature shots and am slowly figuring out how to use my new camera.
That's all for now.


  1. I have read both of these posts twice and will revisit them again - fun to see the show again through your eyes Julie!

  2. Wow, lovely works! I would like to go to a place like that!! I think you're right because choose a winner is a hard task! all of them are so beautiful!!


  3. I enjoyed the quilt show, so many beautiful pieces.
    I really like those pups though, really cute and a fun idea with scraps for the ties.


  4. Julie you live in a world of wonderful inspiration! these are just amazingly beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing

  5. I can't believe how beautiful these quilts are. The talent is truly amazing.

  6. wonderful and beautiful quilts!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hello, thank you for posting these beautiful photos. I was googling Yokohama quilts and found you. Truly enjoy these pictures. Thanks again.

  8. Stunning quilts ... many thanks for sharing!

  9. That food quilt reminds me of the plastic dishes in restaurant windows! Thank you again for sharing, I hope you've since enjoyed your family time.

  10. Absolutely gorgeous! So most of these quilts look appliqued. Were most done by machine or by hand? Just curious because some of them have so much detail.

  11. I LOVE the plum tree quilt. It's gorgeous!!

  12. Julie, these quilts are absolutely dazzling ! Your photos are beautiful, and you're doing a great job with your new camera. What fun it would be to attend this quilt show. Thanks so much for sharing these photos.

    Happy quilting,

    Marina and Daryl