Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Birthday outing

 What better way of celebrating a birthday, than out under the cherry trees!

Leia, her Mom and Dad and Grandmothers went out to Jindaiji where there is a huge botanical garden.

It seems a whole cast of thousands had the same idea but we were lucky to find a bit of open ground under the cherry trees to spread out the ground cloth and celebrate a birthday.

Norie brought a cake she had made, all nicely arranged on a tray and decorated with candles and fruit.

I must admit, the five of us made quick work of that cake.

We wandered around the wide gardens. Leia fed the giant carp and produced thousands of soap bubbles while we admired the early blooming flowers.

The gardens have sections with many varieties of trees and flowers.

There were many different cherries in bloom, as well as peaches ans other spring bloomers

This was just a young tree of a different variety.

The camellias had a whole garden area of their own but this one was potted and standing outside one of the buildings.

The cherry trees are blooming quite early this year. I would say these are almost to their peak now.

I wonder what will be left in April when groups have planned to get together for their annual viewing parties under the trees.

Even plants like this dwarf bamboo  ... no flowers ...
But were quite lovely. I liked the texture of these leaves.

And lest you think I have done nothing but wander through the gardens with my camera, Here is my next Follower's Block. I was lucky to meet Lis Harwood just last year when the cherry blossoms were in bloom. She was in Japan on a fabric study tour and we had a day to spend together. I selected this indigo dyed shibori in memory of her visit and added the cherry blossoms. 

I know Lis likes fall so I pulled out a few of my leaf prints in fall colors, thinking I will use one of them for the points on her star. I wonder which one will go with such a spring block. Maybe the blue print on the right?
Or the pinkish tan on the left? 

It is fun to sew while thinking of my friends and the exchanges we have had over the last few years. Ideas for the next blocks are churning in my brain.


  1. cake, flowers and a walk in the park ... best way to spend your birthday xx

  2. Beautiful pictures, Julie! Since we aren't really seeing spring here in the States, it's nice to see flowers, even if they are a long way away. Hugs!

  3. Such a beautiful birthday celebration, in such a lovely place!
    It's still snowing here in Belgium, but they say this is the last winter offensive, hopefully. Although I like winter, this one is particularly looong and I'm longing for some sunshine and springy flower ;>)
    Oh your followers block is just gorgeous, Julie! Such a special idea you've had of making that quilt, and I bet each ad every follower will feel so special, thanks to you...
    Heartful thoughts & smiles from my little corner ,

  4. I was all set to say choose the blue, but then I covered the blue so I could see the pink with it and I loved the pink! Blessings, Marlene

  5. Yes maybe the blue print on the right! What lovely photos, and sweet birthday girl;). I know what you mean about the flowers peaking early - I have a friend coming in April and I fear it will be all over. But the green will be lovely too.

  6. Great party under the trees. A home made cake is the BEST birthday cake!
    Beautiful flowers everywhere.
    Lovely cherry block for Lis, the perfect choice. If it were up to me I'd select a colour that picks up the green in the cherry leaves, but I'd also like a bit of rust; so it has to be the top middle/left one.

  7. Oh, it did my eyes good to see some beautiful signs of spring. We still have snow here and more to come. And what a lovely place for a birthday celebration!

  8. What a wonderful sight the cherries must have been and what a wonderful birthday memory for Leia. In England there is snow but I am currently enjoying warmer weather in Madeira.

  9. Leia is very pretty and what a lovely cake and way to spend you birthday. I love the fabrics you have chosen and yes it is wonderful to spend time sewing and thinking of friends.

  10. What a wonderful post, Julie !! you have a marvellous family : leia is so Lovely :)) happy Birthday !!!
    I wish you many other fantastic moments like this with your family:)

  11. What a wonderful way to spend a birthday and Leia is such a beautiful little lady.
    I am getting excited to meet our first grandson, he is due at the end of May.


  12. Julie, love the photos, great birthda, and the block you made for Lis is superb.

  13. Great pictures of the flowers. So nice to have family time. My oldest is home for his 'last' spring break before graduating college in May. Love the stitching you did on Lis' block.

  14. Ooh. You have cherry blossoms already! None here yet (maybe tomorrow). What a great place to have a birthday party!

  15. Beautiful photos! This is my first spring in Washington and I am just in love with the area. Everything is starting to grow, all green and white and pink and lovely. Arizona was so dull and brown!

  16. I adore my block Julie, thank you a hundred times. I'll leave the choice of autumn fabric to you, you have plenty of conflicting advice already so I give you permission to scrap autumn altogether if you prefer! I love this post about the wonderful birthday party and Norie's cake looks amazing, no wonder it didn't hang around for long. The sakura is stunning, is it better than last year?