Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Follower blocks

First of all, I am so very happy with all the suggestions I have received for the teaching project. I just knew my blogging friends would come through. Many suggested a quilt-as-you go with strips and I think that would be much easier to prepare than my original idea. It might be a good way to include the "found" fabric that doesn't go with others well. I also like the idea of starting at the end and working forward. That way, I won't have to worry when I leave at the end of the sessions.

The idea of a log cabin might be joined to the idea of new homes and new communities for the displaced families. My next plan will be to try out something I have never done before by making a few samples.
My goals are to provide a project that can be finished, that will be a reminder of success, and that can be expanded on in the future. I think the possibilities are there, just waiting to be tried. If there are those who love embroidery, there could even be a side lesson on embellishment.

I feel a lot more positive and reassured over this venture.
Now, you might guess why I value my blogging friends so highly. You always come through! You have rescued me from computer ignorance many times over. You have made helpful suggestions and cheered me on. You have been an English-speaking group (a rare happening in my 50 years here) right at my fingertips.
My word for the year was "encouragement" but a little over three and a half months into the year, I have received much more than I have managed to give. I thank you many times over.

My first follower's block is done. Linda Coleman has been a blogging friend a long time. She likes blue and yellow and hexies. I am not so good at hexies. I know they make little paper pieces that you can sew around but my style is mark and sew. Anyway, this is what I came up with for Linda.

The blocks are four inches and I plan to set them into stars. I pulled out a bright blue floral fabric to make the points. Maybe I should tell my friends that if you don't like your block, you can make your own and I will use that. Ha ha.

Next one is Lis Harwood. I get to decide! Indigo dyed fabric? Fall? We met in the spring last year ... under cherry trees... well, cherry blossoms aren't fall but they might look nice on a piece of hand-dyed indigo. I will be smiling while I make this block too!


  1. I'm very excited about seeing my block, I have been thinking a lot about our meeting last year as people post photographs of the cherry blossoms blooming this year, how quickly a year goes. That photo I took of you under the blossom by the canal as we made our way to Amy's exhibition is one of my favourites. Meeting you was one highlight of my wonderful trip to Japan and I'm so glad that you have finally met up with Carin. The wonders of the internet eh?

  2. Pretty block!! I love the blue.

  3. Oh Julie, I love the block, exactly what I said, blue and yellow and hexies. Great work. Can't wait to see what other blocks you make to represent all your blogging friends. Waiting to see what you make with cherry blossoms.

  4. Great block. I couldn't think of anything to offer, for a project. Glad you got some good ideas.

  5. Very nice Julie - I look forward to seeing the rest of these! blessings, marlene

  6. I think you have joined the hexies beautifully - fuzzy cutting and fuzzy stitching. The idea for a star pattern with the followers' blocks in the middle is good.

  7. Sounds like this is going to be a very interesting block!