Sunday, March 24, 2013

Follower's block 3

Ah, if only all my friends were this easy.....

the quilt would be almost done!

Cheryl and I have been friends for about as long as I have had my blog. She was the person picked by Nikko on my first give-away.

Cheryl and I have more than Scouting sons in common. If you visit her blog, you will see one thing right away.

Cheryl's Teapots 2 Quilting
You will see that this block designed itself. I was thinking of appliqueing a teapot onto this background but when I looked in my stash I found something that would work even better ... and a vintage sewing machine too.
Now I need to pick out fabric for the star  Hmm, maybe a mix of these small warm prints?
I notice Cheryl and I have one more thing to share and I love the fact that I am not the only one that gets frustrated when Google or Picasa or some other program up and changes things!

The weather has gone back to cloudy with rain in the offing. It was raining lightly when we went out in the early morning for rice delivery.

The road along which I walk to the train station is lined on both sides with magnolias. The south side gets more sun and opened last week only to get blasted to shreds by the wind.

The north side of the street also gets the wind but blooms open at least a week later which saved them from the same plight.

Even against the background of the apartment building, they are so fresh and lovely.

It is fun to watch the big hairy buds getting bigger and bigger starting in the fall. A few of these trees also have blooms during the summer, also big and pretty but harder to see among the huge leaves.

I'm glad these waited for a week longer to be enjoyed.

Now I am off to draft a left-spinning friendship star and check for an Arkansas traveler block. These blocks  have me smiling all day, even thinking about the friends they represent.


  1. even for a not-so-much-pink-lover they are beautiful flowers xx

  2. they are beautiful flowers Julie, love those little teapots in the block

  3. Love the block - and love the flowers!! They are such a beautiful shade of pink!! And the left-spinning Friendship Star - for me????? - ;))

  4. How cute! Teapots, sewing machines, and our 'matching' backgrounds all together! Thanks!

  5. You have such an extensive stash! Teapots and vintage sewing machines... If I ever need a special print I'll contact you, ha, ha!
    The purple magnolias are so elegant. Near my house the white ones are all turning brown and shabby, and the purple will open up soon.

  6. Lovely photos of the magnolias!
    Teapots and vintage sewing machines in one block. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon - sewing and sipping tea.

  7. Lovely tree!!! The squares are beautiful too. Easter Greetings!!!