Sunday, March 3, 2013

More Team Ten quilts (part II)

I thought you might enjoy a few more pictures from the Team Quilt Ten. This show was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Theater in Ikebukuro. in the fifth floor exhibition gallery. I had been to the concert hall a number of times and didn't even realize they had a gallery. I am more likely to remember when this space was a vast field where we could run with the kids and dog.

Here is "Life, Shine!" by Taeko Shinosaki (or zaki) . She has used lots of embroidery and  fine quilting to give this quilt lots of texture. Notice the congratulatory bouquet down in front.
Below is one more of her works.
" Victorian Flowers and Heart " is rich in texture and embellishments, lace, beads, embroidery, and crazy-quilt piecing.

Here is another amazing piece. This is by Megumi Mizuno. Each of these appliqued wheat grains is braided of three fabrics. To the right, above the flower arrangement, is a quilt calendar that features this masterpiece.
"Road to Roseland " is another of her work as is "Animal Picture Book below.
                  Again the detail and embellishments need to be seen up close to be fully appreciated.

Voyage to Tomorrow by Emiko Yoshino has tons of blue-work showing off these finely pieced compass points. I can't even imagine attempting this fine piecing!
Below are two more of her quilts.
                                                  Flower chain - Rondo

                                                                     Autumnal Message
                             All three have tons of detail and there is quite a variety between them.

Next are two quilts by Chiyoko Umeda. . The first is called "Spring Breeze"

                                                     Forever in Eternity

Then, below, two more quilts by Chieko Shiraishi. Hers was the quilt with the doilies I showed in the earlier post. This, too has crocheted pieces.
                  This one called, "My First Quilt" has cute alphabet blocks running around the border.

Spacial Flower is made by Harue Yumoto. Another of hers I posted at the first part of my last post.

If you were sent to count all these tiny squares set on point, you would probably be there the while show!
This "Around the World" by Tsuneko Shimura  has plenty of detail to look at.,, not just the tiny piecing but embroidery and embellishments.

I see I have only eight out of the nine quilters represented.  I thought I was getting a better representation. I did get one more quilt without remembering to write down the information. That one is seen below.
Shame on me for not getting the details on this taupe-fabric Baltimore Album style quilt. I had to post it because it is just so lovely.

There were also lots of small quilted hangings throughout the show.  That these quilters were all winners, would be no surprise to anyone viewing the show.

All the quilts were nicely hung and spaced. The I took photos without a flash but I think a professional photographer could have showed them better. Spotlights show texture to advantage but there was just so much detail that couldn't be caught.

Yesterday was "Girl's Day". I put out my doll festival runner but spent all day after church out with the boys.
We used the power tools and had a "rough cut day" for making pinewood derbies. Then, I came home and had dinner of traditional festival food with my husband and two other guys. Even in the Church choir I sit with the guys because I sing tenor. So much for girls day!


  1. I've been looking forward to part two! I will link to you when I post the few photos I took. I was with the boys for Girl's Day too but my girls were with each other so that's something! Thanks again for alerting me to this exhibit!

  2. Hi Julie: what a great day today :) I just read your two last posts and I must tell you that all these quilt photos are just breathtaking : I love all of them !!!
    Thanks so mch to you for sharing with us your so marvellous quilt photos : it is really a great pleasure to can admire them !!
    I wish you a lovely week,

  3. A fantastic show of quality quilts! I remember standing in front of Emiko Yoshino's Voyage to Tomorrow last year and staring at those spiky Mariner's Compasses.
    Chieko Shiraishi's beautiful floral quilt in wool appliqué and crocheted details is a true celebration of Hungarian Kolocsa embroidery. I love when quilting and embroidery flow in and out of each other.

  4. Those are such amazing quilts and so much beautiful work that went into them. I really love the second one with the hearts, a creative use of crazy quilting.


  5. I love the 'animal picture book' quilt, but the Baltimore Album one is just to die for. Sooooo gorgeous! xCathy

  6. All of those quilts are just beautiful. I can't imagine how much time was spent on each of them. Susan

  7. Beautiful quilts! I am both intimidated and inspired. I just learned how to make HSTs... I have a long way to go. lol