Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Yokohama quilt show, part 2

I have been rather distracted by my senior driving test that I had to deal with today, and am now glad to have that behind me. There is really no way to prepare for the test. They check  your memory, your eye sight, your reaction time, speed at certain tasks, and driving skills on a tiny course in a strange automobile. It is a three-hour workout to maybe check your stamina because they lecture to the class as if everyone was a five-year-old crossing the street for the first time.

I was the only woman in the large class and the oldest but I got 98 out of 100 and passed. Some of the tests I finished up early and had to sit around for 30 minutes wishing I had brought some quilting to do.

Looking over my pictures, I think they are rather poor.

Queenie has posted much better pictures of the same ones I took.

There were some nice close-ups of these pieces in the "Small Quilt Contest".

I rather liked this bright cheerful sunflower by Mariko Hayasaki.

This challenge is a good place to see some interested embellishments.

This one entitled "Marriage" is by a Chinese quilter.

The names on all these quilts were in kanji only.

A few of the titles were in English, but only a few.

Both Queenie and I were attracted to this small piece of quilt art bu another Chinese quilter.

If you haven't seen Queenie's post yet, please don't miss it because she has some wonderful details.

At the entrance of the "Genji" quilts, there was a counter of Hagoita ... decorated battledores.

Though the game is played by hitting a feathered weight as in badminton, it is just as likely to see fancy decorated ones with seasonal themes.

There were many and these only happened to be some that were visible between the crowds.

These were the Tale of Genji quilts.

They seemed to be very popular with the crowd and though no pictures were allowed, I saw many cell phones being aimed in their direction.

These must have been inspired by woodblock prints.

There was a section of bags and wearables ...
some of those with matching bags...

This coat caught my eye and I am sorry I cannot put a name of the quilter on it.

It must have been hiding somewhere.

Queenie had some very good shots of the winning quilts.

A few over-all pictures will give you an idea of the exhibition hall.

Unlike the Tokyo Dome, which is a covered baseball stadium with a great deal of natural light,
This hall is at the lower floor of a huge building.

It is not unusual to have different conventions going on using all or part of different floors. The space here was all taken up by the show and, vendors.

Instead of being well lit from above, there was a spotlight on each quilt.

Sometimes it was to the quilts advantage showing off the quilting but other times it made for a challenge to get a really good over-all picture.

As at Tokyo Dome, it is usual to see these huge banner quilts hanging above everything at the center of the hall. I wonder what they do with them when the show is over.

As the day wears on, the viewers begin to leave for home duties and the quilts get much easier to view and photograph without shoulders and elbows getting in the way. Of course, by then one is getting more and more tired.

I do have a few more favorites to show but I still need to sort through and pick out things that Queenie has not posted. I do hope you will check out her posts if you have not yet done so,


  1. CONGRATULATIONS xx well done for your score too xx The pictures were just fine x its fun to see exhibitions and shows that there is NO chance we will ever visit in person xx

  2. Well done! You passed the 'stamina' test with flying colours!
    Thank you for posting pictures of the exhibition area - I took no such pictures. I am also glad you got a photograph of Ms Sakai's charming quilt, I found too many people flocking around it all the time so my picture was just a detail..

  3. Thank you for sharing these. I always spot the Japanese quilts at shows I have been too - such fantastic workmanship, attention to tiny details and a different design aesthetic. I hope you had a lovely if tiring day and it was good to see him indoors too and your home. Off to check out Queenie's pictures now - Mary

    1. Mary, you always appear as a no reply blogger so I never know if any replies reach you. I have begun to see quilts from non-Japanese coming to the show. I am not sure if it is by invitation or that they have better connections because information about entering is still all in Japanese. Tiny quilts are well suited to the tiny houses we live in. When you look at all the detail and think of the work involved, that could be a much larger quilt in a house with a "sewing room".

  4. Thank you for pretty photos. Love that miniature quilt!

  5. Oh they are all wonderful - I guess the color and textures on the sunflower one really caught my eye. What a great bunch of quilters. Here in the U.S. we often talk about the amazing quality of the Japanese quilters.

  6. Those are amazing quilts and I do love the small quilts, such amazing detail and mixed mediums. I am not sure if they have test like that, here. I would be in big trouble, I have short term memory, but it doesn't effect my driving.


  7. CONGRATULATIONS on acing the driving test. You deserve gold stars. Three hours long is grueling! It sounds like traffic school here, which everyone dreads, but it only happens if you get two or more speeding tickets or other violations !! Your show photos are wonderful. Quilt show photography is challenging at best. We love the little quilts because you can get up close and see the details. Thanks also for the photo of the quilted coat which actually looks wearable unlike some "wearable art" !

  8. 98 out of 100!! CONGRATULATIONS!! And thanks for the quilt show tour - your photos are wonderful and the quilts are simply amazing!! I love being able to tag along with you and Queenie - in spirit if not in person - ;))

  9. Congratulations on the driving test! That's awesome!! :D
    I really like the top photo of the small quilts. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing all of the pictures!

  10. Well done passing the test. Sounds like it was a bit of a trial.
    The quilts are wonderful. It is great to be able to see displays like this and I appreciate you sharing your photos.