Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Happy Dance

I am so very grateful for my blogging friends.

I have only met a few, but every single one of those was as wonderful as I had imagined.

Last night I was in tears trying to just write an e-mail and make a post.
This morning I am in tears of gratitude for the sympathy and support I woke to find.

JoAnn ... the "revert" was found and it worked!
I still have a lot of messing around to do to get some things back, but at least now I have a better idea of where to look.

The typhoon brought rain. BUT ... I found a large pair of my husband's boots that will fit over the foot bandages. I will not have to sit in a meeting with wet feet. (and a bandaged foot will not get you a seat on the train anyway ... because all those kids sitting in the silver seats are too busy texting on their cell phones to even notice someone with crutches).

My sincerest blessings to you all!
Fondly, Julie


  1. I'm glad you have found a way to make friends with your computer again... I absolutely HATE the way the computer takes over from me regularly! I too have a Dell and every so often that message comes up that Windows 10 is available. NO WAY!!!! I had to get my son to remove that tile screen for me too as THAT about brought me to tears also! When the computer starts trying to do different things I contemplate living an Amish life away from all these electrical and cyber gadgets.

  2. I'm so glad my suggestion helped - it has saved me many problems in the past. Ouch - a wet bandaged foot would be no fun at all - take care. Wish we had some of that rain - though they are saying that Friday it will begin to rain - hope they don't change their minds - we do need it.

  3. Take care and keep dry, and so glad the PC problems are sorted. How we rely on our PC's for everything, emails, research, weather updates, family news, blogs, photos,letters, records, and more. A disaster of a major kind when it all goes wrong.

  4. Woohoo! Glad things are getting better. There needs to be a train conductor that moves those kids out of those seats.

  5. So glad to hear this. Hope everything goes well. Mind yourself.

  6. mom, maybe try going to another part of the train...the kids who sit there are determined to stay put, but other kids may surprise you.

  7. Big smiles and hugs.
    By the way, Alan found that "accidentally" knocking a young foot with his crutch would sometimes gain the offer of a seat.