Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jumping through new hoops

Last week I made a BIG mistake!
Being offered a free up-date to windows 10, I thought it might be better than the windows 7 I have been using,

Ever since then, my little laptop is angry with me. "What? You didn't like me the way I was? OK! Now you are going to pay BIG TIME!"

It is a Dell lap-top but Mr. Dell is gone ... there is no longer that icon I could click on to find things on the computer. Now Mr. Windows is in charge of everything. And Mr. Windows does not give pictures to blogger. (Also Mr. Windows did not just add the three new pictures from my camera, it had to download all 2090+ that were in the camera. BUT ... no access to them. Oh, I can click on the picture icon on blogger and download those three pictures to that select form but then the whole thing ... including this pace freezes up.
The result is ... no pictures can be posted.

Of course, since Mr. Windows took over, all my other files are hidden if they do still exist.

Mr. Windows  also does not like Mr. Yahoo. I can still get to my mail with some difficulty but reading it is a challenge and answering or writing even the shortest message is an exercise in patience. (why did I choose that as my focus word this year???)

That little hourglass pops up between every letter typed in. And if the hourglass actually meant to wait and the letter would appear, I might be able to hang in there, but no, left click and try again maybe 20 or 30 times before getting the next letter, then try to remember what I was trying to say.
I wrote my grandson a birthday greeting and two sentences took over half an hour!

I thought it might be easier to answer mail in my cell phone. Yes, it was a wee bit faster but very hard to touch the right letters or scroll the screen without losing the whole thing and having to start all over.

Before all this, my biggest problem was trying to fix the no-reply. My son tried to help me. After all, he was the one to set up my blog for me ... but when he logged on from Colorado, using my password, Mr. Google blocked him and bragged to me that it had caught him at it ... and ... made me change my password. Gosh, I have so many passwords they take up two pages in my notebook (and my notebook cannot be left within reach because Nikko is sure to eat it while I am sleeping.

Oh, there is more ... much more ... but I have probably ranted enough for one sitting. I have managed ... thanks to that hourglass ... to finish quilting three borders on the rainbow quilt. From tomorrow school starts with a teacher's meeting. I am looking forward to working with little kids again. Also, the coming typhoon has pushed some cooler air into our neighborhood. (though I am hoping to make the walking ends tomorrow without a wet foot as it will be another week before I can get into boots or shoes that fit, and my sandals won't be much help if we get the rain that comes with it). My flowers (which are hiding on the windows file) are celebrating the cooler weather and the gardenia is full of buds.
My greetings to all my friends whether I can reply or not, and my advice will be not to fix anything that ain't broke


  1. So sorry for your computer woes. I have Windows 7 and will keep it for as long as I can. I updated my laptop last May, just before we left for my son's wedding. Well, Linux and Firefox didn't play well together, especially when I added in my email on Comcast. Comcast really doesn't like Firefox. It took hubby a whole week to get to my email. I have a tolerate/hate relationship with computers.

  2. Sorry for all you've had to endure with Windows 10 but thanks for letting us know. I had been wondering if 10 would be any good. Thanks to you, I'll skip that upgrade and stick to my Windows 7. On the plus side is that quilting you were able to do.

  3. I have the updates that tells me my FREE update to 10 is ready and waiting ... mm think it can keep waiting xx Hope it sorts itself out .. soon x

  4. Microsoft is at it again - the reason they are giving away windows 10 is so it can find any pirated software on your computer and shut it down - and if that doesn't work - it will shut down your whole computer. Can you do a restore on your computer - back to a date before you put windows 10 on it? A restore will lose everything you've put on since the date you restore to (which may only be a few days if you recently added windows 10) but it will take you back to the time when you had windows 7. Be sure you back up anything you need to keep - like documents and photos - before you do the restore. Not sure where you find "restore" on your computer - but it should be somewhere on control panel. Good luck. I just ignore those windows 10 warnings that soon I shall have to pay the big bucks if I don't do what they demand - but I'm happy with windows 8 - so will not succumb to their treachery. I'm going to make some apricot/raspberry jam instead.

  5. My Husband got Windows 10 for me while I was at the Festival of Quilts. I am finding it useful, as I use Microsoft Outlook for my email. However, he knows by now that I want things similar to what I had, so he probably made some changes in the default settings so I could figure out what I was doing. I have learned a few tricks myself about such as how to get the photo programme I prefer to use to be default. It is something you have to learn in defence when you live with a technical author!
    But he had to reinstall Internet explorer so I could post photos to my blog! I understand they are going to do something in September about Blogger and the new Microsoft Edge browser that comes with Windows 10. Perhaps they can begin to get on with each other better! LOL
    Sounds like the restore thing that JoAnn suggests might be a big help.
    Sandy in the UK

  6. We didn't "upgraded" to windows 10 since all his tech friends are suspicious about it. I am sorry to hear your problem and hope it get fixed soon.

  7. I have heard a lot of complaints about the new windows and I am on a mac and the new OS is a pain to me. I cannot save files and folders like I used to, why they change things that were working just fine, is a mystery to me;)


  8. I have a Dell laptop and was thinking of upgrading to windows 10 ..... many, many thanks for the warning. I'm having problems posting as it is and don't need additional headaches.