Friday, August 28, 2015


Little by little I am getting things back to my old-fashioned normal.

My recent goal being to sort out the picture problem.

Ta da! How is this for a picture?
I don't know what these flowers are. They bloom along the wall in the spring and again in the late summer.

They seem to have been happy that the rain brought a bit cooler weather.

There is a yellow version too ...

And I think, in the past, there were some lavender ones as well.

Thursday I met up with a few members of my new quilt group and went to a wonderful quilt show at Seibu Department Store in Ikebukuro.

Of course, no pictures were allowed but there were attendants with gloves who would turn a quilt so the reverse side could be seen and lots of good close-up viewing.

The show lasted 8 days and included work by many well-known Japanese quilters and their disciples. Most were large quilts. Some were group quilts and there were some small items and framed smaller quilts. There was also a section of the show that seemed to be a collection of vintage quilts. There was no information in English, but even so, it was a very well attended and enjoyable show.

There were many booths of items for sale in the area outside the show. After a little lunch and chat with the friends, I went back to look over the shops. Some of them were connected to well known quilters and I could enjoy a bit of a chat with those I see from show to show. I saw a number of lovely packs of coordinated fabrics, but I was able to resist buying anything. After all, I will have to live to at least 200 to use up what I have.

I added a narrow outer border and have finished quilting a bit over three of the borders on the rainbow quilt.

Using my template and starting in the center of one side, I was able to make all the corners come together in a neat arrangement.

All the main part of the quilt is quilted in the ditch so I think the large cable is a good balance.

I haven't made the binding yet but am thinking of a medium purple that will fit the backing as well.  There is still a few day's worth of work until I get to that part so plenty of time to think it over.

There was sad news that the Yokohama quilt show will not take place. It seems "Quilts Tsushin", a wonderful quilt magazine, has gone out of business ... and I think they were the sponsor. The show was held at a large conference center and though it was labeled "Quilt Week" , it usually was only three or four days. I think vendors don't start turning a profit until the 4th day so that may have been a problem. Even the Tokyo Dome show was cut shorter ... I heard because of a sporting event. After all, it is really a baseball stadium. The over-seas vendors were having second thoughts on that one too.
Gossip has it that tourist companies that had booked a tour from Australia to include the show in Yokohama are now scrambling to find activities to fill their agenda. I can't imagine what effect this will have on the Dome show. A few years ago, another quilt show that regularly was held at Shibuya, also was discontinued. Certainly there is no shortage of quilts waiting to be displayed.

One more x-ray tomorrow and I am hoping to say goodbye to tape and bandages and have a lovely long-awaited soak ... and I don't mean in the rain either.


  1. Hope all goes well with the " Photo-Shoot" and bandages will say goodbye. Lovely flowers, and I guess even quilt shows have huge expenses that we do not think of. Enjoy that long soak.

  2. Good to see your lovely flowers and quilt.Hope quilt shows continue in Japan. So many people making beautiful quilts, it's v3ry sad not to have. I would like to go one in Tookamachi, Niigata.

  3. Sensei had told me about the demise of Quilts Tsushin but I didn't connect the Yokohama Show to that, even though somewhere in the back of my mind I knew. Glad you are getting your computer back into working stride.

  4. I am glad you got the photos figured out but a shame that you cannot take photos at the show, would love to see the quilts. Your quilting is beautiful, I do enjoy hand stitching, and wish I could do more but I have to be practical on some and for more detail, I do better with free motion. I hope everything works out and you can enjoy a nice soak.


  5. Even with your bad foot you sure are keeping very busy. The wide quilting is fabulous - that is one of my favorite quilting designs. Hope the xrays bring good news.

  6. Thank you for sharing your garden's seasonal delights and the information about the quilt shows. This seems strange when quilting is such a burgeoning craft - perhaps you should have bought one of those bundles after all! I like the thought that has gone into your quilt . . Mary

  7. Hope the foot is all healed now. Glad you got your pictures to work.

  8. I hadn't heard anything about the quilt shows... I guess I should have gone to the Yokohama show when I could... I often said "someday". You would think with all the fantastic quilters in Japan that there would be more quilt shows...