Wednesday, August 10, 2016

on to the next step.

The applique is done and maybe tomorrow I will begin embroidering the details.

I can't say I am particularly fond of these characters representing members of the church.

I'm not sure what the blank one is doing but maybe the idea is to insert oneself into the circle.

Should I put a question mark there or some kind of an arrow???

The plan I was given had "Shine Together" written across the center and the various ministries listed on the outer edge.

I will put the words above and below and wondering if I should use proper alphabet or do something rather large and wonky.

I thought it might be interesting to outline the letters and then fill them in with large stitches going randomly back and forth. Then again, that may turn out to be rather time consuming

I am also thinking of adding a row of one-inch scraps in the fabrics used, at the top and bottom to make the size right and frame the hanging.

At this point my inclination is to finish it as simply as possible and quilt it with rays of the sun coming out from the middle to the border. Since someone else came up with the design, I have tried to stick to that plan as much as possible.

This is the one I made back in the fall of 2013.

That was my own design and is often hung in the entryway.

I am afraid they are going to look too much alike ... though I have to admit I like the hands better than those characters.

This one will have dark lettering and the yellow is brighter than this one that I tie-dyed.
If I had better computer skills, I could take the picture and play around with in until I found something I liked.

But, then again, I'm not all that sure I will like the results regardless.

Only two more days of VBS to go. Tomorrow's game is going to be a quieter memory game. (at least, I hope it will be quieter. Two of the five groups are really wild) I'm glad they liked the games so far but they come with no "off" button. Once they get going, the biggest job is to keep it safe and get them to stop at the end.

The news is full of commentary about the Emperor wishing to quit his job. He is only a few years older than I am and though I do not have major health problems, I am happy to have jobs to do.
At least he doesn't have to ride the mobile sardine can to get places. I am wondering if he will get any sympathy because of being "old". Certainly, though each train car has eight priority seats at each end, the only people in those seats are young ... teens ... 20s... maybe a few in their 30s. Today it was so crowded that I kept getting pushed as the train moved and the young girl next to me kept shoving me back every time my bag touched her side. Finally, with three stops left, I was able to grab a seat but then an old guy got on and of course no one stood up so I gave him my seat. The young riders were just busy sleeping or playing video games or texting . I doubt if the emperor got on, they would even notice. At least he can travel by car and doesn't even have to do the driving.
I think it will be a shock to all those entitled youth that some day they will also get old.

OK, enough complaining! I will now reward my progress with a few stitches in my nine-patch.


  1. HI Julie, your work is beautiful ! The symmetry and the theme of your wall hanging is so lovely.
    We love your description of the train as "mobile sardine can". Ha ! So true.
    Does the rail system have its own police department or safety officers? Our subway system has its own transit police, and occasionally they walk through the train cars. When they see the seniors or handicapped people having to stand while young people sit in the seats designated for handicapped or seniors, then they ask the young people to stand up and relinquish the seats.
    Young people today can be self-absorbed while looking at their phones and either not realizing or not caring that we seniors really need to sit down sometimes. You're correct though -- one day they will be old also and will be needing to sit down. Karma ! :-) Best wishes, from Marina and Daryl Lynn

  2. Let those young ones get old faster, and they will soon realise the importance of respecting us oldies. Hope the Emperor gets to travel on the public way very soon.Love your sunshine, and quilted rays will be perfect.

  3. I love how it is coming out, the faces are wonderful and i know it will be wonderful when done.
    It is a shame how kids are now-a-days, no respect for their elders.


  4. When you live with an elderly person, like I do in my four generation family, even the children see the difficulties that come with old age. Today too many young people have no contact with their grandparents or other elderly people. So they see no reason to move out of their comfort zone.
    The Emperor's main problem is that he has no power to decide himself whether to step down or not. I know many older people are too poor to give up their jobs, but they still have the right to.
    Your new quilt does have things in common with the circle of hands, but you will make it different and special. Whatever you decide to do, don't spend too much time on it.

  5. Faces are hard to do in quilts. Your center design looks great. A very nice radiant feel.
    That's so sad the way you are treated on the train. I'm glad I don't have to take public transportation, but we do run into similar problems with young people almost knocking us out of their way while shopping or just walking on a path/sidewalk. Someday, they too will be old.

  6. you can moan as much as you want .. we will listen xx I like the faces .. maybe the blank one is meant to symbolise that everyone is welcome and allowed to join.. just a thought xx

  7. I love your applique faces and previous banner looks very nice too. I think Emperor has a lot of issue. Compered UK's royal family, they have so much restrain. Hope they have easier life too.

  8. I love your quilts. I think I prefer the Many Hands one, but they are both nice. I first thought of the Olympic Rings when I saw the one with the people.