Monday, August 15, 2016

One day's work

12 hours have passed since I set my goal for the day.

Actually, my goal was just to make progress on the quilting of the banner but at this point, I think I am done.

My major concern was that the pieced center section might not lie flat. I was thinking of quilting all the pieced segments in the ditch, but just quilting the rays from the center out, seems to have done the job.

I quilted around the figures but not inside other than the arms, and around the letters. Looking at it hanging from my curtain rod, I think that much quilting is balanced and enough. Now I have to just add the binding and the hanging sleeves at top and bottom.

As it turns out, though I measured the fabric many times, I didn't add properly and the piece is a few inches longer than I intended. That means I don't need to add a border. I am thinking of binding it with a light turquoise or pale purple. Tomorrow Nikko and I will walk to the shop near the next station and try a few colors to see what looks best.

These days, local flower shops are selling little pots with one miniature sunflower. They are so pretty but I do like the real thing a lot better.

These are growing along the fence at the kindergarten along the car street.

There must have been 15 or 20 of them growing and maybe nine or ten feet tall.
They do have some of a smaller variety too but these are the real thing.
Good thing we haven't had a typhoon go through as yet.

The day was off and on sun with a few sprinkles thrown in.

We really could use a bit of real rain.
Maybe tomorrow will deliver a bit.

Several varieties of hostas are now competing with each other, and the crape myrtle in the park is putting on a grand show.

Hibiscus flowers are in bloom around the neighbourhood...
more noticeable for their droppings. The most dramatic ones are sitting in the local flower shop, begging to be bought.

The salvias in the weed lot are wanting rain ... or I will have to carry a bucket of water to them tomorrow.

As a person who hates working to deadlines, I am feeling pretty happy to see the banner so far along and may just reward myself with a few stitches in the nine-patch before I hit the sack.


  1. You have a lot of stamina and have done a smashing job.
    Those spectacles on the man with gray hair give him a lot of charm.
    I think the quilting is just fine as it is.
    The sunflowers shine beautifully when the sky is overcast.

  2. Another lovely banner for your congregation. May it encourage people to keep on shining.

  3. Great banner. The quilting is great on it.

  4. I love how the banner came out and i think a binding would be just right, a border might distract from the design.
    The quilting is perfect for it, I like how it radiates out, from the center.
    I love seeing the sunflowers, they are so beautiful, need to grow some again.


  5. Great work with your banner. I am pleased that it came together for you with a little less work than had been planned. That is a bonus.
    I have to agree that sunflowers are one of my favourites.

  6. I have a weakness for points--just LUV that sun motif! Consider yourself lucky to get sprinkles! I haven't seen rain for a l-o-n-g time, and there doesn't seem to be any in the near future, either. That's August...

  7. both your work and the sun flowers look wonderful x (Just to let you know when I have tried to respond to your comments the e-mails keep bouncing back .. I'm not ignoring you honestly x)