Monday, August 8, 2016

Pictures to make me smile

The yellow material is still in hiding but plan B is in motion.

A few years ago I made a banner with hands joined in a circle and white fabric that I had tie-dyed to keep the center white while dying the rest yellow.

I thought this time with the circle representing the sun, I would piece the center with gradated shades of white and white-on-white prints.

Yesterday I added the circle of  arms and from today I will begin making applique heads.

I have traced the sketch I made on to paper for patterns.

One head is to be left plane ... maybe wanting the observer to put themselves into the picture.

Once these are done, I will figure out where to put the lettering. The sketch I was given had the lettering in the center and a lot of the listed activities around the edges.

The words are "Shine Together" and I plan to put the lettering above and below. Then, quilt from the center in rays out to the edges.

I am not sure the due date but sometime around the end of the month. I should be able to do it all from what is in my stash.

The fabric I am using is a bit shorter than the former banners and I am thinking of piecing blocks of the body colors mixed with the remaining yellow to add to the top and bottom. Often former banners are hanging in the entry and I think if they are all the same size, it makes them easier to hang and move.

Sunday I stayed later at church to set up my game area for this week's Vacation Bible School. Since I missed my usual bus, I went another way and came upon this display at Takashimaya Department store. I didn't have a camera along so after VBS today, I went back to take a few pictures.

Sometimes we do "junk-art" at school so I am often saving spools and objects I think the kids would have fun using.

This display takes "Junk-art" to a whole new level.

Tin cans, buckets, garden rakes, cell phones, bottle caps ... you name it! I even saw some tins like the ones I use to store my fabrics in.

A mother pig with her babies ....

And a rhino!

All these are life size.

Note the water tap eye and the frying pan along the side.

Here is another view of that big rhino.

You can see the contents of his tummy...
He takes his tea, kettle and all.

And here is a tortoise ...

Watches and a bicycle chain among his scales...

looks like a drain in case he gets too wet.

And how about those camel feet?

A plunger and a funnel and two light fixtures.

There were three or four monkey-type figures hanging from the wall

and a lizard climbing up a tree.

Forks seem to make nice hands and feet and the tail looked like a bottle brush.

 This is the sign above with the artist's name.

The exhibit is about to end so I am glad I made it back with my camera.

The area is a passage way between the up and down escalators.

The curtains behind add to the artistic effect.

And one more picture that made me smile ... this one sent by my daughters in Portland Oregon.

Over the weekend they were celebrating "Obon".
It is the time when the spirits of the dead return... actually a time of celebration with festivals and dancing.

My daughters had one of the lanterns dedicated to their father.

You can notice those lanterns hanging all around the festival area ... and at night they would be lit.
Last week would have been our 53rd wedding anniversary so this festival is very timely.

I think I see Paul smiling down on those below and wishing them a fine festival.

(with some yummy treats).


  1. You are a master at putting a design to the message, 'Shine Together'. I love the arms that circle the sun and look forward to seeing the faces. The Mariner's Compass was a good choice for the sun.
    Great junk art! The animals in the zoo are charming to see from a distance and most interesting to study in detail.
    Nice to hear of the Oregon obon festival.

  2. It's lovely that your girls could have that lantern dedicated to Paul. That picture made you smile and your pictures of the junk creatures made me smile. How wonderful they are. Well done on beginning that banner, I wonder when the yellow fabric will put in a reappearance?

  3. A lantern with his below, what a dedication. And your arms, and the sun, beautiful. And an anniversary, I'm sure Paul is looking on and smiling, I have always believed that since I was about 15.And my pick of the weird and wonderful, the camel and his feet. Love from a colder NZ.

  4. So good to see that you are having fun. The junk art is amazing! And I'm sure Paul will love his lantern.

  5. Treasure your memories of Paul with his lantern. The junk art is very clever, the artist has a wonderful imagination. Yellow fabric is such a happy colour. It puts a smile on my face whenever I see the shade of it.

  6. I like how your banner is coming along and you are doing a beautiful job on the design they gave you.
    The junk art is fun, our aquarium did that with artists who used debris found on the beach and there were a lot of creative pieces.
    Love the lantern, what a special way to honor those who have gone before us.


  7. Shine Together - a sweet philosophy. It will be yet another beautiful and meaningful quilt for your church community!

  8. Those junk animals are great but I don't think I'll keep any more junk in the house than I need to.

    How nice of your daughter to think of dedicating a lantern.