Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Snack time !!!

Actually, it was the mosquitoes doing all the snacking.

Each morning, Nikko and I take a walk through the park. I carry along a plastic bag which I use to pick up Nikko's morning deposit ...

Then I fill the rest of the bag with weeds pulled along the way.

The park is way too big to cover everything but the areas that are planted with nice golf-course grass were looking very sad when I returned from my summer adventures.

When the weeds are young, it is very easy to pull them straight up from between the grass and they come roots and all. As they get bigger, it is still easy to get a good hold for pulling ... BUT ... about two weeks ago, the park people came by with weed-whackers and cut everything off at grass level.

Now there is not much to get hold of for pulling and all the mosquitoes that were hiding in the grass are desperate to find something tasty to nibble. I did manage to fill the bag on the left today with my arms flailing around like a windmill to chase off the critters.

The weeds that were cut have new sprouts and if you look closer at the five ones laid out here, they do not only spread by seed ... Long white roots shoot out in all directions. The white bag is now filled with three days worth of weeds ... and maybe a few smashed critters ... and will go out in tomorrow's trash.

The mola got a little more attention.

I have some light blue to add ... and then some area applique and some planned stitchery.

I am thinking of waiting to add those things until I have the backing decided.

I don't want to purchase any more fabric so I am hoping something in my acquired stash will work.

Time to go up and sort through my boxes ... and maybe replenish the coffee removed by the mosquitoes ... no wonder they are so hyper!


  1. Your mola is looking good!! The weeds remind me of our quilt scraps - they seem to spread invisible seeds and roots - and multiply constantly - ;))

  2. Loving your mola. Oh the joys of summer....mosquitoes, we are heading to summer and no doubt the mozzies will be out in full force.

  3. Mosquito's got my feet the other night. That was weird. The mola is looking neat.

  4. I love the image of caffeine loaded mosquitoes. It is fitting. The mola is looking lovely. Do you get to put all that greenery into any kind of compost system?

  5. Sorry about your hyper mosquitoes. We had one mosquito last week - just don't have them here, and I'm not complaining. Not after growing up in Alaska where they are bigger than daddy-long-legs spiders and I swear they can bite your finger off. You are so good to pull the weeds - even when they are difficult. And I love the quilt - it is coming along nicely. I do have to say - it is one of my favorite methods. I'd much rather do hand applique in any form over doing piecing. We each have our quirks I guess. Happy week ahead my dear.

  6. You have gotten to be such a fantastic mola designer! The owl is just great, fantastic, awesome, wonderful! I can't think of enough adjectives! I can see these designs on another of your quilt capes!