Tuesday, November 14, 2017

My other life

On Friday evening, at the end of our monthly pack meeting, I was presented this certificate by my assistant cubmaster. It may seem important but no one serves scouting alone and behind anything I have done, there are many un-sung heroes.

Years ago, I ran cub leader roundtables. They were attended by both pack and den leaders.

We usually had a theme and leaders brought something to share.
Sometimes it was games we could use for our meetings. After learning the game, we discussed how it might be tweaked to fit indoor or outdoors and different age groups. Some were for fun and some were learning games.

Sometimes the theme was a craft we could use to meet advancement requirements. We could actually do the craft and discuss how to use it at a meeting.

Sometimes it was a song with motions.
Sometimes a skit or a group skit to involve the whole group.

We laughed a lot. We got to know other leaders ... who we might go to for ideas ... where we could find support and help. We discussed places to go on outings, campgrounds, exhibits boys might enjoy, We became a team ... because actually, no one leads a group in scouting alone.

Now ...
We have reached the digital age. The meetings are set up on line go-to-meeting at the convenience of the person running the meeting. If I am at home at all, it might fall while I am eating my dinner. Even so, we log in if we can bring our computer to the table and listen to the printed agenda with little discussion. We may thank that person running the meeting but there is no real contact with others attending, no laughter, no sense of camaraderie.

Last evening, the postman delivered this plaque and the enclosed note apologising for lack of "an appropriate venue".

I don't need special recognition. I really don't mind that lack, but I do mind missing an opportunity to thank my fellow dedicated scouters who plan all those events that I just show up at and do whatever they ask.
Since meetings today have become more convenient to do on line, I feel sorry that now leaders have traded convenience without even knowing what they are missing. Will the day come when the scouts themselves will come to virtual meetings and camp out on line? Can one out-of-touch old lady, no matter how honored, make any difference? I wonder.


  1. Congratulations Julie, it means a lot to be awarded such an important award. All you hard work and love for the movement has been recognised.

  2. Congrats! Of course you should accept such a recognition.
    I fully agree that online is not as good as real face-to-face meetings, but the way we all seem to be so busy today, online conferencing is better than not meeting at all.

  3. Well done on your award, but i do agree with your sentiments. Sadly a lot of people do not know what they are missing out on. I am pleased you have good memories.

  4. I was just thinking that, this morning, we are losing touch with being together, and spending more time online than with people in person, I do miss that. Congratulations on the honor, it is well deserved.


  5. A plaque and a card, congratulations, You should be recognised for all the interest, attendances, and thought that goes into the scouting from your side. And an online meeting? I agree, there is something special about talking together, planning, throwing ideas around, laughing and the fellowship of others. Maybe this is the way of the future, skype calls, emails, even in people in the same offices?? What will be next. I hope your plaque will be on display in a wonderful place in your home.

  6. Congratulations! It's wonderful that your were recognized for your time and interest that you have put into the BSA since it brings joy to your heart knowing that you are making a difference in another person's life. Well deserved!

  7. Hubby does have some meetings, with other leaders, by phone, but, there are still face to face meetings, etc, too. I agree, it's the face to face meetings that mean so much more, since we get to actually 'meet' the others. For some Venturing crew meetings, they even had a couple of out of town crew members attend by computer. That is just so strange to me. Of course, these same kids text each other, when they are in the same van, on a crew event trip. So far, hubby's recognition's have all been done at a meeting where 'people' are attending. Congrats on the recognition. It is well deserved.

  8. Congratulations from one out-of-touch old lady to another - well deserved!! Your post reminds me of a quote I read recently -

    Psychologist William James wrote, Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.

    I totally agree with your assessment of the digital age and the lack of one-on-one face-to-face time - but at the same time - without the internet and "Blogger", I never would have met a lot of wonderful people all over the world - including you - ;))

  9. Congratulations,Julie, on your very well-deserved award ! That's wonderful news; and we agree with you that nothing can replace the sense of community and support that is received from one-to-one interaction.
    We're so glad that you received this recognition ! You truly do make a difference for everyone, especially young people who very much need the wisdom and guidance that caring, empathetic adults provide. Blessings and congratulations, from Marina and Daryl Lynn

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