Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Three seems to be an auspicious number in Japan.

The third of November, Is "Culture day". Children of three, five, and seven are dressed in fine Japanese clothing and taken to the shrine for a special blessing ... and usually a photograph of the occasion.

Shochikubal, The three plants, (Pine, Bamboo, and Plum) The first two stay green throughout the winter and plum is the first to flower in the late winter. They are often combined in flower arrangements and used in New Year's decorations, standing for hope and good fortune.

Then, there are those three monkeys ... see no evil. hear no evil. and speak no evil.

Well then, it took three weeks in three different locations to finally get my new senior driver's license.
Might I say, "The third time is a charm"?
Today, as I passed through the train station, the man at the ticket window wished me well. When I got off at the city hall in Shinjuku, I didn't know which building to head for so I asked a man that seemed to be looking for something too. He replied he was going to the same place so let's find it together.

The first building we entered was full pf police and people in fancy black suits. It looked like the way was blocked but my "guide" politely told the guards he was taking me to the driver's license place. The guard said, "follow me", so we set off through the building with other police saluting him as we went. At the top of an escalator, he sent us off, giving my guide directions as to the route to take.

We found the place and compared with three years ago it was working very efficiently. There were lots of people but I had very little waiting while moving from window to window to window. Heading to the last window, I met up with my "guide" who gave me a high five as I thanked him again.

The reverse route had to be changed as the first building was still not allowing entry. I wonder what was going on in that place. Still, I was able to locate the train station as it is much better marked on signs... and when I came out of the ticket gate at Toshimaen, the man in the window greeted me home with another high five.

So, that is one more thing off my list for the next three years.

The next thing off my list is the mug-rug for Wally.  DONE! When I skyped with my two daughters in Oregon, they suggested I make him a napkin and whittle him a napkin ring. Hmm... Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and Friday is my quilt group.How much more time can I whack out of what's left of this week?

I will not need a turkey dinner or pumpkin pie to be grateful. Even in the most trying times, family and friends and even strangers have brought me love and comfort and aid. Blessings abound.


  1. Congratulations! You have much to be thankful for, allt these strangers that help and encourage, the family who join you on Skype, the needle and thread that you can tame into creating these fantastic quilts....
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. So glad you were able to get it done and be able to drive again.
    I just love that mat and the fabrics you used, how do you get your points so crisp with appliqué?


  3. One stranger, and he made the whole event a lot easier. I hope he passed as well.The crane is great, and to be thankful, we don't celebrate thanksgiving down here, I have so much to be so grateful for, family, NZ friends, and all my dearest overseas ones.I wish so much I was a lot younger and could easily travel and meet each one. Julie, no matter about daylight saving if you have it, it doesn't get saved at all, and there are still 24 hours in each day.Maybe tomorrow you will find time for the wooden part of this beautiful gift.

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  5. Glad you can drive, still. What a pain. Love the mug mat and the quilting on it. A friend made me matching mug mats, with napkins, but, while I use the mug mats all the time, I haven't used the napkins yet, so, don't fret about it. Happy Thanksgiving! No turkey here (we're having brisket) but, we do have a pumpkin pie.

  6. Your origami crane is just beautiful!!!

  7. It looks like you not only received your license, but had a lovely day with friendly people as well!

  8. I am so glad you got your license finally!! (And that this last trip seems to have gone quite a bit better than the previous outings.) The origami-crane mug rug with the sashimi shaped quilting is really wonderful.

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